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The News of Our Demise Was Greatly Exaggerated

Melissa Siig writes that the media doesn’t always get it right, as exemplified by this year’s Burning Man coverage, where she survived the rain without incident.

The Whimsical World of Ethan Anderson

Disabled artist Ethan Anderson has been making colorful greeting cards for 30 years.

Is It Too Expensive to Build?

With the rising costs of materials and labor, the price of construction in our area has reached unprecedented levels. The local building industry has not fully felt the impacts yet, but the day could soon come.

Better Together

Rather than defining “local” by how long someone has lived somewhere, Melissa Siig argues that it’s more about one’s relationship to a place.

Just Keep Walking

Nina Bridges, a 23-year-old Homewood resident, hiked the PCT in both directions last year and set a new record.

All That Jazz

Moody’s Jazz Camp, now in its 17th year, has helped a generation of kids fall in love with jazz music.

A Snowplow Sensation

Two North Tahoe High alumni have become YouTube hits after their snow removal videos went viral, offering viewers around the world a look behind the curtain of extreme snowplowing.

The Country Club Comes to Homewood

Forget ski passes. Homewood will move to lifetime family memberships catered to resort residences in two years. How many will be available to the public and how much they will cost is still unknown.

What’s Old Is New: The Palisades Village Development Project Is Back

Palisades Tahoe lost the court battle over its Village development project last year. Nevertheless, the ski resort has resubmitted the original project to the county with only minor changes to the environmental analysis.

Gone and Almost Forgotten: The Other Alpine Meadows Ski Area

Long before there were Palisades Tahoe and the Base-to-Base Gondola, Alpine Meadows was known for a small ski area at the entrance to the valley.