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The Great Power of Being a Witness

A bloody experience with a dog speaks to why being witness to the Ukrainian war is a powerful weapon.

Heed the Call to Hunker Down

The massive December storms and resultant wild experiences remind us of the need to slow down.

Jesse’s Lesson

An ornery and mischievous horse teaches me a lesson on what matters in the promises we make.

A Hall of Mirrors

Details remain hazy following the suicide of Tiffany Thiele, who posted rape allegations to Facebook the day she took her life. Thiele’s claims have been backed up by some and disputed by others, while police say no assault report was filed by her.

What the Campfire Ban Means

The threat of wildfire looms large, and in response, regional fire agencies put in place “campfire bans” in recent years. What exactly that means, wherever you may be.

Waves of Change on the North Shore

North Shore is the focus of YATA this month — Homewood redevelopment begins with a 7-unit residential project; NTPUD finally on track to meet “20% by 2020” state water mandate

Buildings and Bobcats

The quest for an answer of this monthly column is “run up the chain” at the state level; plus, it’s likely that more bobcat sightings are because we’re paying better attention.

Addressing Questions About Covid Vaccine Safety

About a third of Americans are not convinced about the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine. In this special Q&A, we round up concerns that some locals have, and Washoe County Health Officer Kevin Dick answers.

My Covid Prophecy

An itty-bitty piece our publisher wrote 14 years ago has proven to be prophetic. It has implications, if you can believe it, for our Covid experience.

Plane and Clear

Common talk says the airport is flush with cash and people have been taking notice. Here’s a look behind the curtain at the district’s community benefit funding, a part of which is undergoing an overhaul in 2021.