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Better Together

Rather than defining “local” by how long someone has lived somewhere, Melissa Siig argues that it’s more about one’s relationship to a place.

Local and Proud

What does it take? Ten years? Twenty?

For-Sale Listing of Carnelian Bay’s CB’s Bistro Ends an Era

CB’s Bistro is for sale, ending an era of ownership by Phil GilanFarr and his daughter, chef Callie Dela Fuente.

How Not to Be an Invasive Species

One long-time “local” pushes back on what that means, and discusses how stewardship is the route to avoid becoming an invasive species in Tahoe/Truckee … and even how to blossom into a Sierra wildflower.

What Political Issue Are You Most Passionate About?

National, local, or personal

Think Local in August


Episode 67 | August 27, 2020

Think, shop, eat, sleep, breathe local. Moonshine and KTKE have long advocated for support and bolstering of the local economy. This episode, broadcast by editor Becca Loux and with reporting by her about the power of a local dollar and an essay by Truckee resident Jan Holan on the future of the region’s economy, focuses on Moonshine’s Think Local campaign, a quarterly look at all things local. 

Delivering Life-Saving Meals & Warm Smiles

Michelle and Ty Eidam are just two in a fleet of Meals on Wheels volunteers who spend time each week delivering food and friendship to North Tahoe seniors.

Think Local: What Does it Mean to be a Tahoe/Truckee Local?

We asked community members. Here are their answers.

Think Local | October 10 – November 13, 2019

We delve into the dollars raised to support residents with large medical bills; take you on a local journey through transit, dentistry, and food; and provide a locals-only showcase ad space.