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Carwash Approved at Gray’s Crossing; New Technology at IVCH; Election Information;...

Truckee Planning Commission votes to approve car wash construction; election materials being mailed out; new technology at IVCH; avalanche preparedness; more.

Do Tell: Do You Use Public Transportation?

For the December Do Tell, Jared Alden asks readers, “Do you use public transportation? If yes, how can the system be improved? If not, what would it take for you to use it?”

Holiday Decor: How Soon Is Too Soon?

For the November Do Tell, Jared Alden asks readers, “How soon is too soon to start decorating for the winter holidays, listening to holiday music, and watching holiday movies? When do you begin doing these activities?”

New Palisades Parking Plan for 2023/24; Sculpture Made of Tahoe Litter;...

County to begin studying replacement project for Tahoe Justice Center; school district invites community input for facilities master plan; food system exploration through agroecology event; and more.

Have You Been Affected by Fire Insurance Changes?

For the September Do Tell, Ted Coakley III asks readers, How have changes in fire insurance affected you?

Cultural Crossroads

In the February Feel Good story, North Tahoe resident Alenka Vrecek details her love for her husband, Jim Granger, and how she dealt with the shocking news that he has Parkinson’s disease.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Deliver Keynote at Lake Tahoe Summit; Tahoe’s...

Stage 1 fire restrictions enforced in Tahoe National Forest to mitigate wildfire risks; federal assistance in wildfire insurance and staffing for federal lands; more.

What Makes a Local?

For the July Do Tell, Ted Coakley III asks readers, what does it mean to be a Truckee/Tahoe local?


Kindred spirits shine alike.

Protecting Lake Tahoe, Improving Communities Remain TRPA’s Guiding Stars

The TRPA looks to the future and how it can help the region deal with some of its most pressing issues, like affordable housing, while continuing to protect the environment.