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Hypocrisy of Workforce Housing: A Call to Action

A workforce housing developer offers his insight into why it’s so hard to get these projects built in Tahoe/Truckee, and suggestions for what can be done to make the process smoother and quicker.

Readers Reflect | July 2024

Readers give their thoughts on published stories on Homewood, Tahoe Forest Hospital District, and ski resorts’ parking reservations programs.

Homewood Stays Public, But Can Discovery Be Trusted?

Discovery Land Co. submitted a revised master plan for Homewood ski resort, which appears to keep the ski area public. But some question Discovery’s trustworthiness with its track record of gradually breaking its promises in other projects around the world.

CEO’s Departure Paves Way for New Leadership Model at Hospital District

Tahoe Forest Hospital CEO Harry Weis has been placed on administrative leave. District considering changes to leadership style in reaction to complaints of difficult reign under Weis.

Taming Tahoe’s Traffic: The Impact of New Parking Programs

The head of a transportation management association asserts that local ski resorts’ parking reservation programs helped reduce traffic this winter, and that a plan to improve parking in Kings Beach will help summer congestion.

What is Dark Sky Lighting?

You can help keep our skies dark by using outdoor light fixtures that direct light downward in compliance with the DarkSky International regulations. Interior designer Sue Pipal has some recommendations.

Play it Forward

Alice Cotter’s love for music began with her grandmother’s emotional piano sessions. Today, she not only teaches music, but also works to make music education accessible to everyone through her nonprofit, MusicWings, which provides scholarships to those in need.

Mahala Mat: A sea of blue beneath our feet

Like the red snow plants that erupt from a long winter’s nap in the shape of frosty ice cream cones, the blue mahala mat, a low-growing ground cover, informs us that winter has, indeed, passed.

It’s a Small World

Historical-landmark-replica birdhouses are little pieces of American folk art built using salvaged historic lumber refashioned into whimsical creations.

Rocket Aflame!

Before Hot Dog, there was Children of the Morning, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. We look back at the memorable life of freestyle skier Rocket Bertoli, who is best known for his fire stunt for a ’70s ski movie and turned 80 this spring.