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John Hassenplug

Family member, community champion, and engineer, the former general manager of North Tahoe Public Utility District John Hassenplug has died at the age of 82.

The Epic Tale of Short-Term Rentals

Within the sticky subject of short-term rentals, we have an opportunity to create our own epic tale.

Tahoe Basin Area Plan Amendments Are Essential

In this January My Shot, Steve Teshara explains why Placer County’s Tahoe Basin Area Plan Amendments are essential.

A New Angle on Slope Inclusivity

Only a couple of weeks later, 85-year-old Barbara Witt was cruising up and down Alpine Meadows in a bi-ski, expertly guided by long-time Achieve Tahoe volunteer, Dave Littman.

What’s for Dinner?

In this month’s Soul Kitchen, Tahoe Forest dietician Lisa Fligor helps readers to save money, time, and grief by planning ahead on meals.

After the Bear Break-In

A recent Tahoe Vista bear break-in prompted Moonshine staff to wonder what the proper protocol is for the aftermath. California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Nevada Department of Wildlife, and BEAR League give us the answers.

12 Days of Moonshine Ink

A Sustainer Member family bestows an awesome gift this holiday season, by letting us know what they think makes the Ink AWESOME.

Throwback and Upcoming

The music-listening trends of Truckee High School students go deep into sounds of the past, while also embracing current beats, according to student journalist Maeve Kristian.

Wallpaper is Back!

Got the post-holiday blues? Reimagine your walls with a little wallpaper. The new modern choices are exciting and can give a room you’re tired of the pizazz you yearn for. Just ask Sue Pipal of Dragonfly Designs.

Memoirs of the Brave

How do locals write memoirs differently? No fewer than six have published books in 2022 and 2023: Suzanne Roberts, Tim Hauserman, Eddy Ancinas, Jeremy Jones, Hans Burkhart, and Alenka Vrecek.