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The Ink for the Win

We won! In our eighth year entering the National Newspaper Association’s Better Newspaper Contest, Moonshine walked away with eight awards, with judges particularly praising our research and writing. 

Burned Out

Murder hornets. Racial unrest. Wildfire, pandemic, economic collapse, climate change. What more can the year throw at us?

Ladies, Get Out the Vote

It’s been a hundred years since women first won the right to vote; today’s women fight to get out the vote

Love Remains

Prince, that connoisseur of name changes, has something to say about Squaw.

Red, White, and News

Who needs news? We all dews. Why I went from partying snowboarder to becoming an advocate for news.

Masks and Privilege

For someone who held the hands of COVID-19 patients, treating them for 40 to 60 hours a week and contracting the disease caused by the novel coronavirus herself, masking up is a social justice issue.

Nevada County Not Protecting Truckee

This My Shot argues that Nevada County isn’t protecting its residents in Truckee effectively when the town represents 16.5% of the county population but 56.5% of the new cases.

Minutes and Talks

It’s been a long time coming. Moonshine Ink recently launched into the multimedia universe of sound waves and live conversation. Meet Moonshine Minutes and Tahoe Talks.

Bad News Beers

The second half of 2020 says to the first half of 2020: Hold my beer.

Viruses and Stripes

Whose broad stripes and bright stars? Ours.