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Tahoe/Truckee’s history

Acts of Grace

Ken and Terry Yagura, having spent four-plus decades in North Tahoe and dedicated countless hours to important volunteer community projects, including Arts for the Schools and the Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe, detail the changes in their lives that Japanese internment camps made during World War II.

Design and Community Thrive at Olympic Valley’s ‘Potato Chip’ Chapel

In this month’s In The Past, Michael Kennedy explains why the historic Olympic Valley Chapel sports its peculiar “potato chip” design.

Gone and Almost Forgotten: The Other Alpine Meadows Ski Area

Long before there were Palisades Tahoe and the Base-to-Base Gondola, Alpine Meadows was known for a small ski area at the entrance to the valley.

Once Upon a Ski Lift

In 1960, a group skiing the Tahoe “big leagues” for the first time experience a daring rescue. This decades-old story was given new life when shared at a Thanksgiving dinner.

Bacchi’s: 90 Years of Memories Served

The once-famous Bacchi’s Inn, Tahoe City’s traditional Italian food landmark, closes after 90 years.

The Costly Front Street Fire of 1882

The fire on Front Street in October of 1882 was one of the costlier fires in Truckee.

The Hardest Working Man in the Ski Lift Business

Hans Burkhart had the skills and determination to make Squaw Valley Ski Resort (now Palisades Tahoe) founder Alex Cushing’s dream of a great ski area a reality in concrete and steel. Burkhart talks about his life and projects in an autobiography to be published this fall.

The Trailblazer

Photographer Larry Prosor’s images elevated both the nascent sport of mountain biking and the concept of Tahoe as a summer destination.


Miles off Pearl Harbor lay the remains of the USS Nevada, which were located in 2020. Longtime Moonshine contributor Pat Dillon shares the story of the ship that wouldn’t go down without a fight.

A Shooting Star in the Sierra

Air Force Lt. David Steeves was in the prime of his life when he was accused of being a communist during the age of 1950s McCarthyism. He died at 31, never seeing the day when his name was cleared.