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Fire District Annexation Gains Ground

The final steps for Meeks Bay Fire Protection District’s annexation into North Tahoe FPD are laid out. Plus: The history of Truckee poking fun at itself (it’s Follies season!).

A Teen’s Perspective On The World

The humanities and knowledge of history are critical keys to achieving world peace, contends Tahoe teen Kaya Siig.

What Era Would You Visit?

What past era would you like to travel back to and why?

Art Boards

By Trevor Kekke Trevor Kekke has been a busy guy. Not only did he write this month’s In the Past article sharing his tale of...

Open Air Museum: Donner Summit Hub

Unless you know the area, it’s hard to know where to go for your Donner Summit adventures. A new open-air museum atop Donner Summit, a trailhead of trailheads, aims to help folks find their way.

Speak With Care

Language matters. This My Shot reflects on a popular former opinion piece which discussed new residents avoiding being an “invasive species,” and why, historically and looking toward a brighter future, we need to avoid such characterization.

The Chinese Question

Racism toward Chinese people runs deep in Truckee’s history, which is a direct through-line to today’s ramp-up in anti-Asian sentiment and hate crimes. This My Shot addresses how we have to be vigilant against this continued threat.

Removing ‘Squaw’ from Tahoe’s Washoe Lands


Episode 73 | September 17, 2020

As the Squaw Valley ski resort moves forward with a name change, businesses and the county prepare to complement the decision. Reporting and broadcasting by Alex Hoeft.

A Blast into the Past


Episode 66 | August 25, 2020

A peek into some of Truckee’s history from the town’s oldest living native Italian, Eugene Gini. Reporting and broadcasting by Alex Hoeft

A Tale of the River Streets

Eugene Gini, 89, has lived in Truckee all his life. Owner of the riverside Moonshine office, he shares stories from over the decades including unplowed roads and segregated neighborhoods.