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Mountain Baker

Truckee native Kimmy Fasani has co-written a new high altitude cookbook and Moonshine contributor Eve Quesnel has been cooking her way through it.

Entering the Virtual Valley

After more than five decades of summer writing workshops surrounded by majestic peaks in Olympic Valley, this year the Community of Writers embraced the positives of going virtual.

River Runners

The mink, the river otter, and the beaver are all to be found in the lakes and rivers of the Sierra Nevada. Eve Quesnel tells how to recognize which is which in this month’s Nature’s Corner.

Symbolic Nature

Eve Quesnel shares insight into the life of our nation’s symbol, the bald eagle.

In a Torpid State of Mind

They live quietly among us, but how much do we really know about California’s black bears? In her latest column, Nature’s Corner writer Eve Quesnel chats with the “Bear Whisperer.”

July 28, 2020 Moonshine Minutes


Critter rehab

Critters of all shapes and sizes come calling at the Lake Tahoe Rehabilitation Center. Walk through a day in the life of the busy facility, complete with an appearance by a baby chipmunk and a venerable bald eagle. Reporting and broadcasting by Eve Quesnel, with a minor assist from MI editor Becca Loux.

Raise. Rehabilitate. Release.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care in South Lake Tahoe is neither a zoo nor a sanctuary, but a rehabilitation site that takes in abandoned and injured animals and birds. After medical attention and care, LTWC releases wildlife back into the wild.

The Cunning Coyote

There is something about the coyote’s call, something that calms my fear of having too much civilization and not enough wild.