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The Subaru Bread Run

Twice weekly, the Subaru Squad, a group of eight retiree volunteers, make the round to local supermarkets to collect bread leftovers to be delivered to Sierra Community House.

Frosty Flakes

Every winter, it glazes over windshields and sparkles like diamonds on the branches of trees and shrubs. There are many kinds of frost, but two are most common. Do you know how to tell them apart?

Snowbrush: The Fragrant and Fire-Zealous Plant

Whether you call it snowbrush, red root, or tobacco brush, Ceanothus velutinus is abundant in the higher California mountains. Now that its fragrant white flowers have gone for the season, the shrub prepares for its long winter’s nap.

Conversation with a Local Steller’s Jay

Getting to know our noisy neighbor, the Steller’s jay. With their bright blue plumage, these birds are a familiar sight in the Sierra, but just how blue is their blue? You might be surprised.

The Past Shapes You; It Does Not Define You

We don’t always leave the past in the past. It sometimes creeps up and haunts us in our present. Truckee’s Leticia Aguilar, owner of Lety’s Preschool and Daycare, used the past as fuel for action rather than letting it paralyze her.

And 20 Years Went By …

Moonshine Ink’s longtime column writers have plenty to say about their commitments to the monthly paper. Read their comments here.

Crouching Bobcat, Hidden Lion

Bobcat, lynx, cougar, mountain lion: What’s the difference? Moonshine Ink’s longtime columnist Eve Quesnel has the answers.

Arachnophobia Be Damned! In Praise of the Engineering Spider

Nature’s Corner columnist Eve Quesnel explores the engineering excellence of arachnids.

Early Morning Alarms

Nature’s Corner columnist Eve Quesnel shares that what is seemingly ordinary is truly extraordinary, as she learned in her quest for knowledge about the American robin.

Mountain Baker

Truckee native Kimmy Fasani has co-written a new high altitude cookbook and Moonshine contributor Eve Quesnel has been cooking her way through it.