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Tahoe Peak or Plateau?

The Tahoe hotspot expectation of COVID-19 cases may be simmering; a TFHS physician and the family of a local COVID-19-positive patient are living the coronavirus pandemic in real time.

California Calls for School Closures Rest of 2019/20; TTUSD Follows Suit...

Our local superintendent has the final say in whether distance learning is the method of teaching for the rest of the school year. TTUSD is set to make a decision by Friday, April 3.

Short-Term Rentals Must Close

Vacation-based lodging facilities in Tahoe/Truckee limited to essential personnel only.

Traffick on I-80

Reno is considered by some to be a “safe city” … for sex traffickers. And I-80 East is the “pipeline” that often gets them there. What is being done to address the issue of modern slavery?

Crash Course in Safety

On New Year’s Eve, Joseph Chong watched, horrified, as a fast-moving skier collided with his son Nolan at Squaw Valley. Chong and Squaw are working on policy changes. The age-old debate between safety and freedom continues.

When the Moonshine Aligns

The journey “there and back again” to find journalism as a meaningful career, in a bout of “Moonshine Magic.”