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Ceding to Public Pressure, Homewood to Remain Public

Discovery Land Company and JMA Ventures, ceding to community pressure, have dropped their plans to make Homewood a private ski area. Keep Homewood Public is encouraged but cautious.

Is It Too Expensive to Build?

With the rising costs of materials and labor, the price of construction in our area has reached unprecedented levels. The local building industry has not fully felt the impacts yet, but the day could soon come.

Ye Olde Tahoe Inn

What’s the game plan for the old Tahoe Inn structures at the entrance to Kings Beach?

Homewood Switches Gears

With passholders and skier visits in decline, Homewood plans to become a semi-private ski resort in order to remain open.

Soaring Ranch: Much-Needed Truckee Housing in a 20-Minute Neighborhood

The developer of Soaring Ranch describes in his My Shot how the project will be a “20-minute neighborhood” and move beyond the necessity of the car.