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Debriefing Caldor

Brutal lessons were learned from the “biggest event” in Lake Tahoe’s recorded history. The takeaway? More fire is coming.

Holding Pattern in Tahoma

West Shore residents are frustrated by a slew of commercial properties connected to one buyer that aren’t offering services, housing nor otherwise, to the communities.

The Road Ahead for the Truckee Railyard

With a whole lot of the site to still be constructed at the Truckee Railyard, readers and Ink staff want to know what remains on the table and what has fallen to the cutting room floor.


California courts to decide how strict development regulation just outside the Tahoe Basin needs to be.

Winter Weather Advisory: Resorts, Schools, and Roads

The answers to why things operate the way they do in the world of snow.

Sharing is Caring

We live in a material world, but we don’t have to succumb. Consider ways to share your toys, etc. with others.

A Numbers Game: Short-Term Versus Long-Term Renting and Why People Are...

Property managers share why their clients are opting to short-term rent instead of long-term rent, and why they think capping STRs won’t slow Tahoe’s housing appreciation.

Deepcember Diaries

By the Moonshine Ink Reporting Team It was a December to remember. Nearly 18 feet — or 214 inches, to be precise — of snow fell...

Parked Out

Desperate for snow play last winter, people illegally parked their cars all over Truckee/North Tahoe. This year, agencies are stepping up, anxious to inform people about where they can park and play legally.

Truckee High Teacher’s Refusal of Covid Vaccine, Testing Results in Unpaid...

Margie Seehuetter was dismissed from her job of 28 years after refusing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or submit to regular testing. She claims religious exemption — the school district says no.