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An airline for short-term guests to Tahoe.

Down Goes 2021

2021: Recall it all.

2020: A Blessing or a Curse?

Was 2020 a blessing or a curse? One relationship expert penned a My Shot reflecting on the year that tested many of our interpersonal interactions.

Will you take the COVID vaccine when it becomes available to...

It’s a fraught topic. When I posed the question on Facebook, 116 of our users weighed in with comments, plus 32 reacts. I was...

What hopes do you have for your community and the country...

2020 is closing out and we went macro: What hopes do Tahoe/Truckee community members have for the new year? It’s a loaded question after this past one.

Well, Hello December! … And See Ya Later, 2020

A sarcastic ode to 2020 and discarded campaign signs