Daron Rahlves proved he’s still the fastest man on skis in Tahoe.

On Saturday and Sunday the Rahlves Banzai Tour made its final stop at Sugar Bowl, Rahlves’ home mountain and place where the Silver Belt Banzai was born in the 1940s.

A unique blend of big mountain freeriding, ski and boarder cross strategy and downhill speeds, the Banzai pits four racers at a time down all-natural terrain with limited rules. The top two spots advance to the next round. In 2011, for the first time, the Banzai race made three stops throughout the winter at Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood and Sugar Bowl.


A strong cast of skiers and boarders — including Olympians Errol Kerr and Jayson Hale — competed through the three-stop tour. But on Sunday, the Banzai was owned by Daron Rahlves and his sister Shannon Rahlves, who won the women’s ski division.

Daron Rahlves took on the three top men’s ski division winners from the each stop, besting all three competitors to take the Banzai Belt in the tour’s Super Final.

Winners of the Sugar Bowl stop were: Greg Lindsey (men’s ski division), Sylvain Duclos (men’s snowboard division), Shannon Rahlves (women’s ski division) and Erin Wilson (women’s snowboard division).

Overall points winners over the three-stop tour were: Salt Lake City’s Marcus Caston for men’s ski, Shannon Rahlves for women’s ski, Sylvain Duclos for men’s snowboard and Jennifer Mcready for the women’s snowboard division.

Info: rahlvesbanzai.com

~ For more on the event, see this story Moonshine Ink published in November: ‘Big Bucks for Fast Freeriders: Daron Rahlves Talks Banzai Tour.’



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