Local professional snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Nick Visconti led a presentation about climate change to an assembly of Truckee High School students on May 18. The event was the latest stop on the Hot Planet/Cool Athletes tour, a collaborative program between snow sports nonprofit Protect Our Winters (POW) and the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) that brings pro athletes into schools to present personal stories about the impact of climate change on winter sports and local mountain communities. The Hot Planet/Cool Athlete program has reached thousands of students in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah throughout 2011.

The upbeat and focused crowd at Truckee High was the perfect audience for Jones and Visconti as they delivered their message using a video presentation and interactive discussion. Jones, who is also the founder of Protect Our Winters, feels that youth programs are critical for their mission to create worldwide awareness of climate change issues.

‘It’s an uphill battle presenting climate change ideas to adults, but kids haven’t thrown in the towel yet,’ said Jones. ‘They will be the ones inheriting the Earth so we feel it’s important to make them realize that they have the power to make a difference and to keep working on solutions to climate change.’


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