Sports and Outdoors

Tapping into the passion that Tahoe/Truckee has for sports of all seasons — be it on the mountain, in the gym, or on the kids’ fields — as well as a variety of health and wellness topics.

Out and About: The Go Big Project ‘Rides a Wave’ to Success

Have you heard about The Go Big Project? If not, don't sleep a minute longer as the Tahoe-based production crew has the pedal to the floor with a full tank of gusto and talent....

The Resort Report


With 15 resorts to choose from, peruse this sampling of new happenings at each Tahoe resort

Mountain Movers: Local snow park builders to star in reality TV show

Call me crazy, but I have no interest in fishing for Alaskan king crab or driving a truck down a Canadian ice road for a living. But traveling the world building competition snow halfpipes...

Achieve Más

While more known for adaptive winter sports, Achieve Tahoe’s summertime activities are equally exciting and have made a lasting impact on the lives of countless people with disabilities.

Soak It In

Forest bathing is a simple way to escape the noise in your head and feel more grounded.

The D.O. Will See You Now

What differentiates a doctor of osteopathy from a doctor of medicine? In this installment of Practical Wellness, columnist Linda Lindsay explores what makes them the same — but different.

Going Higher

Tahoe resident Mike Rogge is reimagining what outdoor print publications can be, resurrecting the cult classic Mountain Gazette in a subscriber supported, gigantic 11-inch x 17-inch coffee table centerpiece of a magazine.

The Poppies Are in Bloom

A local girls whitewater rafting team — the California Poppies — is making a big splash in the sport.

Drawing Parallels

Central Sierra Snow Lab’s new station manager, Andrew Schwartz, shares an unexpected discovery that relates his years spent in the Land Down Under to his new role here in the Sierra Nevada.

The Vitamin that Fights Covid

Think you have adequate levels of vitamin D because you recreate outdoors? With new research showing that vitamin D helps fight Covid, you might want to think about getting yourself tested.