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Our Sports & Outdoors section taps into the passion that Tahoe/Truckee has for sports, be it on the mountain, in the gym, or on the kids’ fields. We cover the region’s bad*ss sun and snow sports experts as well as community wellness and health topics.

Hitting The Limit

Proposed changes to fishing regulations a win for some, but could they come at a loss to the stretch of river from Tahoe City to Truckee?
Just Keep Running: Potvin doesn’t let a bit of snow halt her training, here she runs on snowshoe through the Olympic Valley. Photo courtesy Jenelle Potvin

These Folks are Driven


In the next installment of DRIVEN we profile an endurance runner, a group of night riding mountain bikers, and a skier who finds the balance between a life in the outdoors and running a local nonprofit.

Catching Their Breath

Local gym owners hope to stay strong during a pandemic

Be Here Now


A big group, mountains of gear, and many cups of coffee fueled this multisport bonanza on a warm March day.

Change in Terrain

Revisiting the early days of the freestyle movement that brought terrain parks to the mainstream.

Homewood Snowcat Adventures


Hunting down freshies with the only cat skiing operation in the Tahoe Basin.

Where’s the Beef?

Plant-based “meats” are protein-packed and taste a lot like the real thing, all without harming animals or taking such a massive toll on the environment. But are they as good for your body as they are for the planet?

Scott Williamson, Unsung Super Athlete


Williamson breaks speed record on PCT hike.

That Dog Will Hunt


At Silver State Kennels, Carolyn Goll and Joe Reinhardt teach dogs how to communicate with their owners to become a well-oiled and efficient bird hunting team, and spring is the time to train.

Local Kayaker Matches Women’s Waterfall World Record


On June 8, Carroll made a clean, 85-foot plunge off Metlako Falls on Oregon’s Eagle Creek to match current world record holder Christie Glissmeyer’s May 2009 descent of the same waterfall.