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Sports taps into the passion that Tahoe Truckee has for sports, be it on the mountain, in the gym, or on the kids’ fields.

Change in Terrain

Revisiting the early days of the freestyle movement that brought terrain parks to the mainstream.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Although many structured sports are canceled or delayed because of COVID-19, there are still options to keep kids moving.

Hot Water, Cold Pools


Beautiful, enticing, and increasingly crowded, Yuba river's Emerald Pools have been in the crosshairs of heated tension, stemming from a Facebook thread gone hostile. What might the future of Emerald Pools hold?

Long Live Saucer Boy

One day, iconic pro skier Shane McConkey was rehabbing an injury and looking for something fun to do. Fellow misfit, Saucer Boy, convinced Shane that he could put snowlerblading on the map. And so the Pain McShlonkey Open was born.

Local Kayaker Matches Women’s Waterfall World Record


On June 8, Carroll made a clean, 85-foot plunge off Metlako Falls on Oregon’s Eagle Creek to match current world record holder Christie Glissmeyer’s May 2009 descent of the same waterfall.

Sarah Halas: Try and Keep Up


Sarah Halas’ approach to life is simple — she’s gonna do what she feels like, preconceived notions of your typical “chick” be damned.

Why I Coach


Kara LaPoint may now be a professional triathlete, but she would never give up her job coaching the NTHS Nordic team.

Climbing Ice Walls


Ice climbing in Tahoe may not be world class, but it offers more than enough challenges for local enthusiasts.

Hut, Hut, Hike!


The author takes a trip to the Benson Hut, one of the Sierra Club's four backcountry huts in the Tahoe area, with one more in the works.

From the Trash Dump to the Olympics


The snowboarding halfpipe is an Olympic mainstay now, but this global sport had its humble beginnings 35 years ago at the old Tahoe City dump.