As we know all too well, snow in the Sierra can be brutal — and having the right snow removal tools can make a world of difference when the flakes start flying again. Using the proper removal equipment will help you get winter clean-up done quickly and efficiently, saving more time for fun and adventure! Here are a few suggestions about the vital snow-removal gear to have on hand from employee-owners at Mountain Hardware and Sports in Truckee:

Editor’s note: Hayley Paronish and Doug Farley represent Mountain Hardware and Sports, and provided price points and specific pieces of equipment available there. Though it is certainly not the only place to find snow removal equipment, it is a solid, employee-owned local option! This can act as a general price and features a guide for your snow-removal tool shed regardless of where you shop.



Depending on its use, the type of shovel you’re using is important in properly managing snow. Removal area and snow types can determine what snow shovel is best for you and the task at hand.

Lightweight and durable, the Poly Pro “Tuffy” is one of our favorite all-around shovels. It features a nonsparking polymer and nonstick surface that is less likely to crack over time and comes in three different sizes. It is priced at $29.99 and up.
For more icy shoveling conditions, we suggest the Garant Mountain Mover Shovel with a reinforced steel wear strip. It combines the best features of a shovel and a scraper — and it’s sized perfectly to clear large areas and remove thin ice. Retails $16.99 and up.

For transporting large amounts of snow, the Garant Sleigh Shovel makes short work of the largest jobs. With its extra-large scoop, it allows you to gather large amounts of snow with each push. It also features an ergonomic handle that provides comfort and maximum stability. Priced at $54.99.

ICE ISSUES: Ice-melting tape like these Easy Heat Cables do the work for you when it comes to diminishing ice. Photos courtesy Mountain Hardware and Sports


This product is a crucial way to keep walkways safe for you and your guests. Ranging from 10- to 50-pound bags to 11-pound shaker jugs, we sell ice melt that is safe for concrete, asphalt, wood, and even for your pets. $8.99 and up.


Prevention is key for preparing the roof of your Tahoe home for winter. Installing heat tape prior to oncoming storms can significantly prevent snow and ice from building on the eaves of your home. Heat tape comes in 20- to 240-foot rolls and retails at $29.99 and up.

For when an ice dam forms or a build-up of excess snow arrives, we offer a roof ice melt “puck” that is designed to be thrown onto your roof to help create a stress point in the ice, which allows it to shed more quickly. Roof ice melt retails at $23.99.

Still have stubborn snow on your housetop? We also carry rakes specifically designed to help pull snow from the roof. Available in various lengths and retailing from $44.99 to $139.99.

DIG OUT YOUR CAR: When heavy snows pile up on car rooftops, Mountain Hardware and Sports employee-owners recommend the SnoHoe to get you quickly on the road.


When it dumps heavy snow in Tahoe, removing it from your vehicle can be stressful and time-consuming. But it’s good practice and courteous — while you’re driving, chunks on the roof could slide into your line of vision or fly off and hit other cars. With push-style devices such as the SnoHoe or the SnoShark, you can easily remove large amounts of snow off your car quickly and efficiently. Retails from $19.99 to $44.99.

We also carry a wide range of Honda and Ariens snowblowers for those bigger snow removal jobs.

~ Doug Farley started at Mountain Hardware in 2007. He has held many positions within the company, and is currently manager of the hardware and plumbing departments and material stockers. Doug is a member of the committee that helps build and promote employee ownership. He has become a smiling “go-to” within the company.

~ As a marketing coordinator, Hayley takes great pride in her work promoting 100% employee-owned Mountain Hardware and Sports. Whether she’s designing print ads, managing social media, or planning the next event, her positive and creative outlook has been greatly appreciated within the company.

Main Image Caption: SHOVELS GALORE: There are a wide range of makes and models when it comes to shovels, so do your research to maximize your scooping.


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