Long before moving to Truckee, this Jersey Girl spent her days adventuring in upstate New York. From the Catskills to the Adirondacks, the mountains I grew to love were really just hills in comparison to the grand peaks that welcomed me when I ventured West.

My husband and I would go on these crazy mountain bike rides that our friend and fearless leader Ray-O would plan out. Dubbed “harebrain” rides by our group of biking friends, these were six- to eight-hour mountain bike rides that would take us winding through the woods on old logging and fire roads and loop back to our starting point. The terrain was typically steep, gnarly, and super technical. I came to learn that these rides had earned their name because you had to be a harebrained idiot to go more than once.

But there was a reward at the end of the trail, which came in the form of a cold beer and a sandwich by the river or lake. It was always the same sandwich — grilled chicken with melted fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and balsamic vinegar — from our family’s farm market. It was delicious and the fact that we earned it made it taste even better.


Now that our adventures take place in the majestic glory of the Sierra Nevada, we have new traditions. Should we decide to skin up to the Peter Grub Hut for an overnight, we always head to Truckee’s Squeeze In for a hearty breakfast like the Shake & Bake or the Dirty Dick. Should we embark on a shorter excursion, Truckee Bagel is our go-to. The Gone Fishin’ for my husband and the Castle Peak for me. Turns out I’m not the only Moonshiner with a post-adventure tradition. Here’s how the other Moonshine Ink staff members like to feast following a high-energy day:

Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs

The most beautiful words in the English language aren’t “I love you,” but “breakfast served all day.” That’s my love language when it comes to post-adventure eats. A stack of pancakes as tall as me with an extra side of hash browns, thanks. My Reno breakfast go-to is the one and only Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs. Glory, glory. Peg’s is a Truckee Meadows staple, with four locations throughout Reno and Sparks. I enjoy the classic full stack (three pancakes), but if I’m feeling fancy, the veggie benedict fills my heart with happiness. Note: Peg’s closes at 2 p.m. each day, so plan accordingly. ~ Alex Hoeft

Las Panchitas

When I’m around Kings Beach after a Tahoe adventure, I know just where to go to replenish lost calories and energy: Las Panchitas. My taste buds will always be satisfied with good Mexican food, and this local treasure right across from the big blue gem of the Sierra delivers. Last time I was there, after a choose-your-own adventure day with my dad and his buddies golfing while I wandered around beaches and scrambled over roots and rocks by the lake, I branched out and ordered Machaca. A dish that this Mexican-food-lover surprisingly had never tried, it’s the perfect ratio of protein and carbs to boost back up energy levels: shredded beef and scrambled eggs fried together with bell peppers and spices, alongside rice and beans (of course I switched to black beans and added avocado). A side-note is that their chile relleno, my dad’s litmus test for good Mexican food, passed with flying colors. ~ Becca Loux

Golden Rotisserie Burrito

Winter or summer, my post-adventure meal of choice is a fat, juicy burrito. I do miss my Southern California burritos for sure, but a nice Truckee Golden Rotisserie Burrito hits the spot. It’s a unique take on a traditional burrito, but the meat and simplicity will always replenish the carbs I expended on the mountain. ~ Wade Snider

West Shore Market

Whether I’ve just finished hiking the glorious 3.5 miles up to Maggie’s Peaks, or I’m heading down the West Shore to find a spot at the beach, I’m always planning on stopping at West Shore Market afterward to fuel me up. Sometimes I choose to order one of their hefty, tasty sandwiches, and other times I’ll just opt for some fresh bread, salami, and cheese with a kombucha to go. Whatever I’m in the mood for, West Shore Market always has plenty of options to satisfy my post-adventure hunger. ~ Molly Wilcox


  • Juliana Demarest

    Juliana Demarest is a Jersey girl with ink in her blood. She fell in love with print journalism at a young age in the '80s when her Uncle Tony would take her to "work" at his weekly paper. In 1997, she co-founded a weekly newspaper in North Jersey. One day, she went to photograph a local farmer for a news story. She ended up marrying him and leaving journalism to become a farmer's wife. In 2010, they packed up their two children and headed to Truckee in pursuit of the outdoor life. She didn't realize just how much she missed journalism until she joined Moonshine in 2018 after taking time off to be mom. Connect with Juliana juliana@moonshineink.com

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