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Highlighting what’s in season, sharing recipes, shining a light on local eateries, and nutritional tidbits.

Chicken Outlaw


 One Truckee man’s fight to raise hens at home

Behind the Camouflage


Hunting has evolved from one link in the food chain to a controversial issue with political, ethical, and legal snares. Though in the minority, local Tahoe hunters actively roam the forests in sustainable search for game to feed themselves and their families.

Magical Mushrooms

If you’re trying to boost your immune system naturally, make room for shrooms in your diet.

Seasonal Sustenance

Is there a reason cold-weather months have us craving heavier comfort foods?

Cheap Eats


If you know where to look, you can find every type of cuisine on the cheap. From lakefront fine dining, to gargantuan burritos, organic fare made affordable, and even sushi deals from unexpected places. We’ve made you a summer checklist of the best affordable eats that North Lake Tahoe/Truckee has to offer.

Home Baked

Why are people so enthralled with baking homemade bread during this time of the coronavirus? Robert Gray thinks he knows why and shares his personal insight in our latest Soul Kitchen.

Fruits of Labor

Save the flavors of summer to enjoy all winter long with this easy guide to canning.

Cheese It!


Breaking ground on do-it-yourself cheese

Distill, My Heart


Did you know that up until 2013 it was illegal to distill commercially in the Silver State? Immediately after legalization local distilleries began cropping up all over the state, a testament of Nevada’s thirst for joining in the craft spirits movement.

DINNER AND A VIEW: Try Za’s Lakefront to breathe in the mountain landscape. Courtesy photo

Happy Hours


We know you love a deal, especially one on craft beer, so go get your happy on!