Newlyweds Polly and Don Triplat planted the seeds of intention and have recently given birth to a place for people to connect with the land, community, and Spirit. Perched above the river in Truckee’s Olympic Heights, the Truckee River Sanctuary now holds sacred space on what, just a year and a half ago, was a house with a huge, empty lot full of sagebrush. Now it’s home to the Triplats, their healing center, flowers abloom, raised vegetable gardens, chickens, turkeys, dogs, garden gnomes, and a womb-like kiva, a subterranean gathering space for spiritual ceremonies and healing.

‘Both of us are drawn to holding a sacred space for people to reconnect to the land,’ said Polly. The Triplats are both body workers and energy healers working in a number of different modalities. They are passionate about earth-based healing work, creating a sustainable community, and being an example of the change they wish to see in how we live in the world.


Polly got the idea for building the kiva (a Hopi word for a pueblo Indian ceremonial structure that is usually round and partially underground) while at the Ojai Foundation retreat, where she spent time in two kivas. ‘I was incredibly inspired by not only the physical beauty of it, and how I loved sitting in the kiva around the fire, but also by the way it energetically drew in people, community, to come together,’ she said.

‘I feel the property sits on a very powerful energy meridian that comes from Tahoe, through Mount Pluto and comes flying right through here, and we built something that does this,’ said Don as he cupped one hand and drew a spiral inside of it with his other, showing how they built a container for the energy to land. ‘We felt like there is natural vortex energy here.’

After they read the land for the perfect place to put the kiva, the Triplats cleared it, drew concentric chalk circles in the dirt, and broke ground in May 2009. It took the better part of a year to separate the dirt and stone, move boulders and rocks into place, form and fill the three terraces for seating, pour concrete, plant the mostly native plants and flowers, and hold onto their vision. Polly laughed as she recalled the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work that went into its creation. It gave them plenty of opportunities to do their own inner work as they prepared themselves to be married. The kiva’s opening day was Don and Polly’s wedding day, June 26, 2010, an auspicious rite of passage.

The Triplats are ‘holding the space’ for community gatherings, celebrations, transitions, and healing. The kiva is made for heart healing and ‘is symbolic of being held in a womb,’ explained Don. ‘You go back into the womb to be held by your mother in a place of safety, so that you can work it out. You can birth yourself and re-emerge into the world healed, or with your gift or initiated.’ It’s a safe place to bring up the things we need to work on and to be in the healing process. Don told a story about a longstanding rift between a couple of friends, which was healed in the kiva on Polly and Don’s wedding night.

The kiva hosts Laurie Martin’s monthly conscious drumming circle, a healers’ circle, full moon meditations, seasonal celebrations, fire ceremonies, a men’s group, and even a circle of goddesses. The Triplats offer use of this space to groups in the community that are interested in participating in a fair and conscious energy exchange. Additionally, Polly organizes and provides services for personalized wellness retreats for people seeking a connection with the natural world at Truckee River Sanctuary, as well as facilitating vision quests in the wilderness.’

The next drum circle in the kiva, Drumming for World Peace in honor of Peace Day, will be on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 7 p.m.

‘Everything is aligning. I feel like I’m finally bearing the fruits of a lot of the intentions I set a few years ago,’ Polly said. To learn more about the fruits (and vegetables) of Polly’s intentions, visit earthspiritbodywise.com. For more information or to make an appointment with Polly or Don Triplat, contact them at pollytahoe@gmail.com, dtriplat@gmail.com, or (530) 412-0774.

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