My Shot

I’m Tina Vernon and I’m running for Nevada County Treasurer and Tax Collector. These are actually two separate positions, about which I will provide you a bit of information. But first I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

I was raised in Nevada County, and with my husband am raising our children here. We have extended family with which we enjoy spending time, and have saved 12 horses from slaughter and found them forever homes. Between family, friends, household pets, and community involvement, we have a very well-rounded life.


I have over nine years experience in county management and finance; two years helping to rebuild the traumatized office of Behavioral Health where I stepped in two weeks after the January 10, 2001 shooting rampage, and seven years in the County Executive Office where I currently hold the position of senior management budget analyst. I have a master’s in business administration.

The position in question, Nevada County Treasurer and Tax Collector, has not been challenged in decades, which might explain some of the confusion voters are experiencing in attempting to understand exactly what the job entails. I hope to demystify some of that for you now.

The duties of the treasurer are to act as a bank, cash manager, and investor — to keep the treasury safe until such time as it is needed to pay for services. The County Treasurer does not create the county budget, does not audit, does not influence or change county expenditure allocations, and has no power to affect pensions or pension reform. Subsequently, in the role of tax collector, the candidate elected will not determine how much tax you pay and has no authority as to whether property or other taxes are raised or lowered. The tax collector is charged with collecting county taxes while upholding all applicable laws.

I’m honored to be endorsed by retired Nevada County Treasurer and Tax Collector E. Christina Dabis, who, for 38 years, earned the trust of voters. I’m also endorsed by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Management Association, and the Contractor’s Association of Truckee/Tahoe.

I’m also supported by my peers. Although the California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors does not endorse candidates, I’ve been personally endorsed by Karen Adams, CACTTC’s president, and by CACTTC’s Vice President Wayne Hammer.

I encourage you to educate yourself on this position for which you’re about to cast your vote. Due to space constraints I’m not able to share here the list of efficiencies and changes I will bring to this office when elected, but I invite you to visit my website for more information on my campaign and a full list of endorsers at

I thoroughly understand the job for which I am standing and will do an excellent job for the taxpayers of Nevada County. I ask for your vote on November 2.


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