The results are back! According to our Winter 2007 Reader Survey, a majority of our readers are highly educated, very active, own their own home and almost half are 36 to 55 years old. Half of our readers have a 4-year college degree with another 20 percent having a Master’s or PhD. Fifty-four percent own a first home and 17 percent own at least a first and a second home.

And Moonshiners are active folk. Strangely enough, the same number (78 percent) each do snow sports, dine out and go out to live shows. Eighty-four percent enjoy the outdoors and natural resources without motorized equipment, with specifically 49 percent who backpack and/or climb, 47 percent who mountain bike, 42 percent who participate in dog-friendly activities, and 43 percent who go to a gym/do yoga and pilates. One of our favorite statistics is that 52 percent of our readers say they volunteer (go Team Moonshine!).

As for what our readers do with Moonshine Ink, it looks like 77 percent of readers reread each issue several times and 77 percent also share their personal copy with at least one other person. And good news for local businesses, 78 percent of our readers say they visit businesses that advertise with Moonshine Ink. What goes around, comes around.
In general, our winter reader survey brought us some good information so that we can understand who it is whom relishes in our Moonshine fanaticism and can help our advertisers reach their target markets.


Congratulations to Winners of the Reader Survey prizes!
• $100 Gift Certificate to Cyclepaths: Beth Ingalls
• $100 Gift Certificate to Alpine Home Care: Karen Terry
• 2 Northstar-at-Tahoe lift tickets: Chris Neary
• $50 Gift Certificate to the Sports Exchange: Jenny Franklin
• $50 Gift Certificate to Truckee Book and Bean: Judy Mayorga
• $50 Gift Certificate to Glow: Darlene Pearson Bray
• $40 Gift Certificate to Glow: Carmen Carr
• $30 Gift Certificate to Truckee Book and Bean: Shawn Milne
• $25 Gift Certificate to Truckee Book and Bean: Peggy Towns
• $25 Gift Certificate to Truckee Book and Bean: Jerry G. Dinzes
• $25 Gift Certificate to Glow: Cassandra sharpe
• $25 Gift Certificate to Glow: Sheryl Talmage
• $25 Gift Certificate to Glow: Jan Colyer
• $25 Gift Certificate to Bradbury’s: Daniel Tuerk
• $25 Gift Certificate to Bradbury’s: Eric Larusson
• Subscription to Moonshine Ink via mail: Tracy D’Anneo
• Subscription to Moonshine Ink via mail: Pamela Biery
• Subscription to Moonshine Ink via mail: Richard & Rachel Livingston

Thank you once again for participating!


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