It is important for our Truckee Tahoe Airport to continue to evolve as a facility and serve the community’s expanding aviation needs. The airport is an important and vital regional asset. As a community we also have a duty to work and mitigate the impacts to our community from this growing facility. This necessitates a balance, while finding solutions to an increase in noise and other impacts on our neighborhoods. We have a duty to first and foremost protect the mountain town quality of life we all cherish.

Balancing the needs of aviation and the airport, but also minimizing or solving the negative impacts to the community is complicated. Lisa Wallace and Andrew Terry both know and understand these issues. Both individuals have experience with the airport’s operations, needs, and issues. They have the proven commitment to work hard and seek innovative solutions to make it work right.


For the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board I am asking you to please vote for Wallace and Terry.

~ Paco Lindsay is a business owner in Truckee.