Truckee Time

At Coffeebar in Truckee, I took only five days off in the first calendar year we were open. I joked with people that I worked half time — 12 hours a day, seven days a week — but you can’t do it alone. If you are operating a coffee shop that has any sort of volume, you have to have people to help you run the operation, and those people are called employees. Your business will either live or die by the type of employees you have; your company is only as good as the person behind the register, or behind the bar, on any given day. If you are running an exceptional business, you may only change over a few people. If you have a business in Truckee, you will lose and need one almost every week.

Truckee is perhaps the most transient place that I have ever operated a business in in my entire restaurant/café career, which includes opening more than 18 different restaurants. “The Tahoe Lifestyle” lasts about three to six months for most people and then POOF! — they’re gone. In 2010, we started off with nine people, and five years later, we have more than 60 team members in the company. The Truckee store typically employs 20 to 25 people depending on the season; Reno has 25; and the bakery has 10. In 2014, aside from the 20-plus W2s that were still working at the New Year, we had FIFTY-SEVEN — yes, 57 — W2s of people that were no longer working for us. In 2015, that number was 64. In Reno, the same comparison was four. It costs on average $800 to properly train a team member, so if you’ve lost 64 of them over the course of a year, its lost revenue of more than $51,200.
And, just in case you don’t know, we’re hiring in Truckee. Go figure.

~ Greg Buchheister, Coffeebar Owner, Truckee

Vote No on Measure W

One of the most polarizing local topics recently has to be the possible regulation or all-out ban on medical marijuana in Nevada County. No matter where you stand, this hot-button issue has predominantly come into the local light over the past few years as prohibition winds down and exciting new opportunities for local control and legislation emerge. 

It may come as a surprise, but our beloved Town of Truckee is estimated to represent between 25 to 30 percent of Nevada County’s entire voting contingent. Why is this important, you may ask? Well, because the Nevada County Board of Supervisors is working diligently to pass an all-out ban on outdoor medical cultivation and commercial medical cannabis activity that will be on the ballot June 7, which has potential ramifications for many patients, businesses, and community members. Whether or not one is a personal proponent of medical cannabis, it is hard to disagree with the fact that prohibition of this plant in Nevada County has been increasingly costly and massively ineffective for many years. 

We are at this critical point in history because prohibition and bans have continuously failed us, and new regulations have been introduced to offer solution-based options for many of the problems that have plagued medical marijuana efforts in the past. These new regulations from the State of California, called the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, have been shown to offer many states that adopt them a decrease in violent crime, traffic fatalities, youth access, and illegal black market activity. The local effort to ban, also called Measure W, is a thinly veiled push by a select few interests in Nevada County to justify the complete prohibition of a harmless — and actually quite helpful — plant that is not only directly and indirectly beneficial to the local economy, but medicinally helps our community members and discontinues the costly exercise of futility that prohibition has become.

Please inform your family and friends and above all, register to vote if you are a Nevada County resident. Let us join together as a community and make the logical decision on June 7 to vote no on Measure W, and secure a future where we can properly tax, zone, control, and regulate this expanding industry.

~ Dave Abarta, Truckee

Vote on June 7

June 7 is an exceptionally important election day. Nevada County will finally decide to leave pot growers alone if we all vote no on Measure W. This will be a good vote because pot growers pay taxes, provide employment, and give Nevada County a halo of enlightenment.

~ Ted Thompson, Good Dog Ranch, Truckee