It is pretty amazing how often people volunteer in our community. In addition to all of the volunteering for people, animals, and conservation, our trail network is largely constructed and maintained by a small army of volunteers. Building and maintaining trails is a great way to spend a day hanging out with friends, making new ones, and putting a little ‘sweat equity’ into a resource we love!

Below is a list of selected days on which you can volunteer your time and efforts to build and maintain our wonderful trail network. Also included are opportunities to be an ambassador on the trails, and a couple of seminars offering valuable information and training for a relatively low price. Oh, and thanks for volunteering!

Trail Construction and Maintenance


Pacific Crest Trail Association Maintenance Days
Needing no introduction, the PCT passes through our region, and it gets a ton of use, especially near the Interstate 80 trailheads. Although they do not have set trail maintenance days in our immediate region, the PCTA offers numerous valuable trainings, and have maintenance days nearby. Visit the trails page for the Northern Sierra Region at

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship’s Trail Daze
April 11, June 6 and Sept 13
Feeling a little guilty about how much you were skidding the last time you rode the Downieville Downhill? Here’s your chance to alleviate your guilt. Or maybe you play enough in the Lakes Basin to call it your adopted home. The Sierra Buttes Trails Stewardship is the organization dedicated to keeping the Downieville and Lakes Basin trail networks in top shape. Their website states that they feed you bagels in the morning and a BBQ in the afternoon! How about a weekend campout combining a day of hiking or riding trails, followed by a day of maintenance? I have not yet participated in one of their Trail Daze, but the pictures make it look like a lot of fun!

Truckee Day
June 6
The sixth annual Truckee Day is June 6. Perhaps you have volunteered at this event in the past. If you have not yet done this, Truckee Day is the day where you see many people walking around with trash and recycling bags picking up everything that got away from us this winter. In addition to our roadways, parking lots, and common areas, the trailheads enjoy a good ‘spruce-up’ on this day as well. After the work is finished, everyone meets at Truckee Regional Park for a BBQ and concert. According to the Truckee Day website, in 2007 over 800 volunteers collected six tons of litter!

Truckee Donner Land Trust
Volunteer Trail Construction Days

On Saturdays throughout the summer, the Truckee Donner Land Trust will be building two different trails: The Donner Lake Rim Trail and a new, yet to be named, trail at Waddle Ranch Preserve. The Donner Lake Rim Trail, when complete, will be a 23-mile loop in the mountains encircling Donner Lake. Roughly 15 miles are complete, located on the north and west sides of the lake. The trail at Waddle Ranch Preserve will be an almost two-mile trail in the middle of the property with some beautiful views of Truckee., or contact me.

Truckee Trails Day
Held in the early fall (date to be announced), Truckee Trails Day is a day of trail construction or maintenance (your choice) followed by a BBQ. Projects in years past have included building boardwalk in Martis Valley, rerouting a section of trail between Glenshire and Martis Dam, maintenance on the Pacific Crest Trail, and building the yet-to-be-completed Stockrest Springs Trail, a new single-track that will link the Olympic Heights Neighborhood with Downtown Truckee. This year’s projects and date are yet to be determined, but will be announced by mid-summer.

Tahoe Rim Trail
Another trail needing no introduction, this 165-mile loop contains rides, runs, and hikes that are on all of our ‘must do’ lists. The Tahoe Rim Trail Association has trail maintenance crews working throughout the summer on various portions of the trail.

U.S. Forest Service Trail Adoption
The Forest Service has an excellent program where local families, friends, clubs and businesses sign up to maintain segments of the very popular trails in the area including the PCT, Hole-in-the-Ground, Commemorative Overland Emigrant Trail (ever called it that before?), and Sawtooth Ridge Trail. Contact the Forest Service at 530-587-3558 to inquire about the trail adoption program.

Tahoe Rim Trail Association Training Seminars

Trail Builder and Crew Leader Training
May 15 to 17
Join local trails organizations, land management agencies and counties for this fourth annual installment. The training will have three tracks for beginners, advanced trail builders, and crew leaders. The course will include in-class instruction with a focus on fieldwork experience. Field experiences will be rotated for all trail builders and crew leader trainees will have the opportunity to lead a crew. Mountain bike trail skills will also be incorporated into field projects. The three-day training will take place at Galena Creek Park, Nevada. The cost is $65, which includes three days of training, meals, lodging, and materials.

Hike Leader and Guide Training
May 29 to 31
Building on the success of the Trails Training Program, the Tahoe Rim Trail Association has developed a three-day course centered on safely and effectively leading hikes. Included in the seminar will be a safety overview, tips on how to plan, prepare, and execute group hikes, tips on being a top-notch hike leader, and even how to develop and market your own hike series. Price: $145, meals and lodging included.

Trail Ambassador Program
Volunteer to hike, bike or ride your horse on the TRT to assist the public when needed with trail information, emergency assistance and more. 775-298-0012,

Have fun and be safe!

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