For us, it ain’t just about the money. Even surrounded by the dominant business paradigm in the nation, nay the world, which says ‘make sure that bottom line is as fat as possible,’ the profit is not the reason we’re here. Moonshine Ink strives to create a product that’s real, that’s useful, that’s about our community and for our community. We make sure to make enough money for that mission; but the ‘bottom line’ has been far from a motivator, almost to a fault.

I see it in other businesses too – those that demonstrate a belief there’s more to business than simply making money. But we want also to be sustainable, to pay our staff the good wages they deserve, to buy equipment and resources to better our product, to make enough to replace my 20-year old stapler.

Independent newspapers are on the decline in America. We’d prefer it if Moonshine Ink were the rule, not the exception. But it’s not. If you like the spirit of independent media, if you’d like to see us grow even stronger, if you’d like Moonshine to remain a monthly option for consumption, consider how to support it. Go to the businesses that advertise. Advertise yourself. Sponsor the purchase of another beautiful Moonshine distribution box. Sponsor the classifieds page.


The bottom line really is, we’ll be here as long as you want us here.

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