Flip’s Friends

Jan. 9 I bumped into Harry the hound at a party in Cedar Flat. That guy sure can howl. Harry is still available for adoption and is staying in a great foster home where he is learning new tricks and improving his manners. I heard that when he first moved in with his foster family they came home to find him standing on a table howling. Now he’s (almost) a perfect gentleman. I love running into old friends. Harry has a handsome picture up at hstt.org. Someone special needs to adopt this guy.

Jan. 11 They keep saying that a cat is moving into my house. I think they are just messing with me.


Jan. 12 I met the coolest dog last night; we almost hit him with the car in the snow. His name is Colonel Reggie. How does a dog become a colonel? We took him home and he marched around the house like a soldier. He lives up the street. We found his folks, and he went home.

Jan. 15 I had the pleasure of visiting the second graders at Glenshire Elementary with Dan Olsen from Truckee Animal Services and Jill Vacchina from the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe as part of it’s new Pet Pals program. We talked about being safe around pets and reading the signals our animal friends give us. Those kids treated me like a rock star. We will continue meeting with these lucky kids once a month until the end of the school year, learning about both pets and wild animals.

Jan. 17 The rumors are true. My friend Tobias the cat moved in today. This might not be so bad. Free cat food!

Jan. 25 I woke up in the same bed as a cat this morning. There were actually three of us: two dogs and cat. We call it a cuddle puddle. I think it was a lot like those bed-ins they had back in the ‘60s. I don’t know how I feel about all this.

Jan. 30 Visited Scraps Dog Bakery in Truckee today and met a cat named Cesar. Tobias has been in my ear since he moved in about how we never do any stories about cats. Scraps is nice enough to host animals that are up for adoption through the Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation (WARF). Cesar is a seven-month-old classic brown tabby. He is affectionate, gentle, and loves to chat. Cesar has lots of energy and was happily jumping around playing with his toys when we visited. We need to stop by Scraps and visit again soon.

Feb. 1 I heard a great dog joke today: Why did the cowboy get a Daschund? Because someone told him to get a long little doggie. Badaumbum….

For more info on Cesar, contact Carol with WARF at (530) 587-1185, tahoewarf.com.


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