By Cliff Dobler

While NV Energy’s power outages may keep citizens in the dark for hours or days — the Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID) keeps its citizens in the dark all year round. Along with General Manager Steven Pinkerton and District Legal Counsel Jason Guinasso, Board Chairwoman Kendra Wong and Trustees Phil Horan and Peter Morris continue to exclude our community from participating in its governance.

In 2016 IVGID contracted with Governance Sciences Group Inc. (GSGI), the creator of FlashVote, to conduct a series of scientific surveys on important IVGID community issues. Incline Village/Crystal Bay parcel owners and residents interested in participating were invited to contact FlashVote and were assured that their responses would remain anonymous to IVGID and their personal data would be private.


Before year-end, there was a disagreement on how questions should be asked and GSGI terminated the contract. IVGID Trustee Matthew Dent, who had just been elected, always stated that his decisions would largely be based on citizens’ responses to FlashVote surveys. Because FlashVote and IVGID parted ways, trustee Dent decided in early 2017 to hire FlashVote directly as a private citizen and proceeded to conduct surveys.

In April of 2017, after the conclusion of a board of trustees meeting, Wong convened a secret, closed-session meeting to discuss taking legal action against GSGI. At the start of the meeting, Guinasso asked Dent to leave because he had a “conflict of interest” resulting from his hiring FlashVote. The fifth trustee, Tim Callicrate, was not in attendance.

While no one knows what happened at that secret meeting with three trustees present, shortly thereafter a lawsuit was filed by IVGID against GSGI demanding that the citizen database be turned over to IVGID. This litigation is in violation of the Nevada Open Meeting Law as the board cannot take any action or reach any decision during a closed session. ALL litigation must be voted upon in a public meeting. No vote ever occurred. The lawsuit remains pending in the courts and Guinasso is receiving additional fees to litigate.

After the last board meeting on Nov. 15, 2017, Wong once again convened a secret closed-door meeting to discuss the GSGI lawsuit. IVGID’s attorney asked Dent to leave under the “conflict of interest” theory. He refused to leave. Callicrate immediately told everyone that the Open Meeting Laws were again being violated and refused to participate. As a result, the IVGID attorney suggested that he would talk to each trustee independently about the matter. At that point, it is assumed, that the secret meeting was terminated.

Ironically, the “secret” meeting was actually not secret. The electric power had gone off and with all the lights out, one citizen remained and overheard most of the conversations. Thus, we have the source of this story.

IVGID is in deep trouble. Pinkerton and Guinasso have no respect for the law. Over the past year, Dent and Callicrate, with the help of many citizens, have unveiled several inappropriate activities which provide ample evidence that the law, policies, practices, and accounting rules are not adhered to and that public records have been destroyed, and requests for public records are being denied.

The board majority of Wong, Horan, and Morris collude with the management ring leaders to continue this corrupt endeavor. There is an election next year. Know who you are voting for…

~ Clifford F. Dobler, a 23-year Incline Village resident, is a retired CPA and private investor, who is actively involved in investigating IVGID operations and accounting.


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