By RICK GREEN | Tahoe City

I am writing this letter to the editor by way of comment on several postings in the October 25 online edition of Moonshine Ink.

The comments in the letter from Ms. Larson are particularly troubling, and offensive to me. I have no idea who this woman is and she quite obviously does not know me. She mentions me by name and implies that I am a Nevada resident. I have never been a Nevada resident. She also implicitly suggests that I am attempting to buy Mr. Hill’s vote for personal financial gain, which is her second and most contemptuous lie. There is absolutely no way that I could or would financially benefit by Mr. Hill’s election.


My donation reflects the high esteem I have for the cancer center and the hospital. My wife was treated by the exceptional medical and support staff of both for five years. The care that this team provided us is unparalleled either locally or elsewhere in the state.

Ms. Larson is joined by Director Jellinek who also implied that the campaign is being influenced by the “politically elite” and that “people who contribute three or four thousand dollars to a candidate generally expect something in return.” This is one more grossly incorrect assumption.

I am hardly “politically elite,” but by supporting Randy Hill I am casting a vote for the continuation of outstanding medical care in our local community with the hope that others among us who are confronted with serious illness can continue to receive the same exceptional and compassionate care that my wife and I received.

To Dr. Kashtan, a retired doctor who stated in a letter to another local paper that the expansion of the cancer center was “egregious,” I hope that you never have to question your own words.