Tahoe Forest Hospital is a public, taxpayer-supported special district. It was founded through the philanthropy of Dick Joseph and continues to benefit from yearly financial backing of the Truckee and North Tahoe communities. California law mandates that it operate in an ethical fashion with the best interests of the public in mind.

Recent revelations call into question whether Bob Schapper, Tahoe Forest Hospital’s CEO, is doing just that.


The fact that California Secretary of State documentation lists Schapper as a chief financial officer of Medical Practice Solutions, Inc., a company that was paid more than $900,000 in contracts from the hospital district, calls into serious question the ethics of Schapper’s behavior as CEO of Tahoe Forest Hospital. These ethical questions are further backed up by a 2000 bankruptcy filing by the Schappers that listed Medical Practice Solutions, Inc. as joint property of Bob and Marsha Schapper, and lists Robert Schapper as vice president and treasurer of the company.

Robert Schapper’s position as CEO of a public, special district hospital is incompatible with his position as CFO of a company that contracted with the hospital for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Truckee and North Tahoe community members deserve a hospital administration that looks out for the best interests of the community. They should not have to wonder if hospital administration is profiting off of the decisions made at a public, taxpayer-supported hospital.

The jobs of hundreds of hospital employees, the healthcare of thousands of local residents, and the financial health of the entire community depend on a hospital district that is run ethically, legally, and professionally.

California’s Political Reform Act states that, “Public officials, whether elected or appointed, should perform their duties in an impartial manner, free from bias caused by their own financial interests or the financial interests of persons who have supported them.”

The Tahoe Forest Hospital board of directors has a duty to the public to examine Bob Schapper’s track record as Tahoe Forest Hospital CEO, his history with Medical Practice Solutions, and the hospital’s hiring of his wife Marsha Schapper in a management role at Tahoe Forest Hospital.

The public has a right to know whether these decisions were made in the best interests of the public and whether Bob Schapper benefitted financially from contracts and hiring decisions made at the community’s hospital.

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