By CAROL HESTER | Tahoe City

I have lived in Tahoe City for more than 30 years, raised my family here, and owned a downtown retail store for 19 years. When I arrived in the early ’80s, Tahoe City was the hub of the region. Everyone wanted to be in Tahoe City — it was fun and alive. Nightlife was hopping, visitors were pouring in, and people were moving to the area to raise their families. It was a positive place to open a business and get involved in community.

In the ’90s, our beloved Tahoe City started to lose its edge. Visitors didn’t make the drive to the lake, but rather opted for the more modern accommodations, restaurants, and shopping in Truckee, Northstar, and Squaw Valley. Tahoe City struggled as tourist and residential developments occurred outside the North Shore. At that time, Tahoe City remained stagnant and declined in popularity. Where can we currently send our friends and relatives to stay when they visit us in Tahoe City? Our lodging choices are extremely limited.


The Tahoe City Lodge project can change that. The vision of the project to link to the Tahoe City Golf Course and be a boost to the existing downtown businesses is something we all have been dreaming of for years. The lodge will be positioned at the gateway to Tahoe City, right on main street so guests can walk everywhere. It’s going to be a green boutique hotel operated by involved owners. But what excites me the most is that the new lodge signifies investment in Tahoe City that I believe will only serve to inspire others to do the same.

The Tahoe City Lodge project is currently navigating the turbulent waters of the regulatory process required by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Placer County. I want to remind my fellow community members to not lose sight of how important this investment is for our community. We may not all agree on the number of parking spots, traffic studies, or height allowances during the regulatory process, but surely we can all agree that Tahoe City needs a shot in the arm to get back on track. I strongly believe that the Tahoe City Lodge is the boost our community needs to put itself back on the map as the most amazing mountain town in the West.

~ Carol Hester is a Tahoe City resident and owner of Geared for Games, a toy store located at the Boatworks Mall.


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