I pulled up to the shelter and was immediately greeted by my friend Petey. Petey has been at the shelter for a few months now and has acquired a nice bench in his turnout. He was sitting on that bench when I pulled up with my posse. This month I was joined by my sister Olive and cousin Jolie. As I walked into the shelter Petey got up and greeted us at the fence.

Inside the shelter we broke with our usual protocol and checked out the cats. I sent my person in because those cats looked like they were up to no good. Inside their lair were all kinds of hiding places and things to climb and scratch. In one room we met Cricket, Widget and Stubby. I watched nervously as Cricket jumped on to my person’s neck. I think it was all a diversion because behind him was Widget, a calico cat, looking ready to strike. I had sent him into an ambush! Actually all the cats were really friendly, just a little mischievous.

My favorite feline turned out to be Stubby. While all the other cats are playing and jumping on all the cool obstacles Stubby lays low and chills in his favorite box, sticking his head out occasionally like a turtle. Stubby got his name when he lost a paw as a kitten. This doesn’t seem to slow down Stubbs one bit. When all the other cat commotion died down Stubby climbed up and down the posts and was jumping around the room. If you are looking for someone to keep your lap warm this winter check out Stubby. He’s purrfect.


We escaped the cat room without a scratch and I was ready to pick someone up and go for a run. The friendly staff recommended Bubbles, is an energetic pit bull mix. She gets along well with other dogs and kids. To prove how patient she can be we squeezed Bubbles into our jeep with 3 other dogs, a baby seat and a person. We were packed tight and some of us were standing on each other. No one got upset and we made the drive to the trailhead without losing our cool.
Bubbles spent over an hour romping with Olive, Jolie and I. She found a bone along the way and was pretty proud of herself. She tossed the bone around and showed it off to everyone like it was the coolest thing ever. We ran, wrestled and jumped in the creek till we were exhausted and very dirty. Bubbles does pretty well on a leash and knows her name. She knows how to sit and is eager to learn new tricks. She is a smart girl and would love to be someone’s hiking, running or skiing partner.

We packed our crew back into the car and as we pulled up to the shelter, there was Petey watching from his bench. Petey has been at the shelter for a few months now and needs a special person to take him home. Who wouldn’t love a border collie (smart) and a pit bull (strong) combination? It’s everything you could want in a dog.

Before I go I can’t forget to mention my friend Coal or ‘Coalie.’ He came to our home when he was 13 years old, and was my brother for the last six years when we never thought he’d make it six months. Coal passed away this month but we will never forget the spirit he brought to life. We miss you Coal.

There are some great new friends, brothers and sisters just waiting for you at the Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe. For information and pictures visit HSTT.org.

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