By MARTHA L. JANER  |  Glenshire

If anything, the old saying “if it isn’t one thing, it’s another” has become so true. As a 33-year resident in Truckee, having left the city and the Bay Area long ago, I am amazed at how quickly this wonderful, historical town of Truckee is turning into what I personally abhor — a city. There are now so many stop lights, an influx of too many people, sidewalks, and constant construction, to name a few outstanding changes. I am feeling a sense of disillusionment, to say the least, as now I merely keep my head down, try to breathe and stay happy with my choice of living here in Truckee for so many years.

Very recently it has come to my attention that I must undertake another battle to preserve what I still love: peace, stillness, beauty, deep breath, blue skies, mountain peaks, and ranges. All of these I must venture far away from the center of Truckee to find. A neighbor known as the Woodhead family has accepted a request from Verizon to submit a proposal for the building of a 92-foot monopine cell tower on the corner of Filly and Buckhorn. We live in close proximity to this location and are very much against the Woodheads’ acceptance, the submittal by Verizon, and of course a large monopine cell tower in our neighborhood. There are many reasons to deny this submittal including radio frequency (RF) waves designed to travel 45 miles at 1-inch to 2-inch-wide signals from these cell towers that exist everywhere in the world. There is much research done against the effects of these electromagnetic frequency (EMF) waves and the cell towers, yet they continue to crop up and exist. The website hosts research on the harmful effects of EMF on serotonin and melatonin levels, as well as an increase in cancer.


Glenshire Association denied the proposal and submittal process of building a cell tower due to its harmful effects on our community, the elementary school nearby, many young families, pregnant mothers, people already battling their own private illnesses, the decline in real estate value, and common sense that a cell tower was absolutely wring in a neighborhood with 99 percent occupancy! We, as a residential association, were able to squelch submittal; there was no amount of money worth harming us all. How is it that this family has accepted this submittal from Verizon? There is no amount of money that can justify such harm. Cell towers do not belong in neighborhoods, nor anywhere nearby. I thank my neighbor and colleague for bringing this crucial matter to my attention.

To whom shall I call out when my serotonin continues dropping, or my much-needed sleep is interrupted, or melatonin is affected, or depression hits rock bottom? To whom shall I refer my sadness when there is no more peace?

All of these people wanting to turn a small mountain into a city, including the Woodheads, need to simply stay in the cities.

~ Martha L. Janer is a concerned resident of The Meadows in Glenshire and a 33-year Truckee resident.


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