What do you get when you have an ‘old Dead Head’ and former PGA golf pro with a great idea and stick him high in the Sierras? Winterland Golf Studio. When Peter Noreika was let go from his wife’s real estate company, because of the sluggish market, he capitalized on some new technology and created a one-of-a-kind golf studio in Truckee.

Named after Billy Graham’s San Francisco venue, The Winterland Ballroom, the pseudo-psychedelic, fun and very comfortable studio provides year-round golf in a snowy winter land. He represents a laid-back ‘vibe, spirit, attitude’ and wants his clients to feel relaxed in his new home away from home. ‘Bring your own wine and come in to practice your swing,’ he said.

Using his PGA training and state of the art technology, Peter provides expert analysis and instruction for golf enthusiasts. The ‘Full Swing Golf Simulator’ is more than a high-definition projection system providing world-class golf resort experiences, but an extremely precise swing analyzer. With 688 independent infrared sensors, it measures real time ball flight, carry, launch, speed and deviation of distance and angle. It is simple to use, with a touch screen operating system similar to Windows, and after a brief tutorial, golfers can choose their course, weather conditions, wind variables, green speeds, pin locations and more. Several different hitting surfaces allow for the feel of various fairway conditions.


The software also can compare your swing to that of your favorite pro.

The studio is a funky blend of purple velvet, love beads, disco balls and vintage posters. Guests are invited to relax on deep sofas when they’re not working on their game, and Peter has gone to great lengths to ensure the lighting and the atmosphere is just right. There is a putting green in the main room, and a bountiful selection of golf apparel and gear. ‘I dreamt of tie-dyed golf shirts. How uptight do you have to be?’ he asked. Peter hesitantly bowed to tradition, sneaking his psychedelic inspired logo inconspicuously on golf shirts with collars. He does poke fun at the ‘Masters’ and their distinguished insignia (of the United States with a golf flag pin in Augusta, Georgia) by creating his own version with the pin situated in Truckee. It reads ‘Sierra Nirvana.’

Peter also prides himself on his custom built golf clubs and on his repair and re-gripping facility. He is assisted by Matt Malloy, from Lahontan and Whitehawk Ranch Golf Clubs.

Use of the simulator costs $50 for the first hour and $30 every hour thereafter. With Peter’s coaching and analysis he charges $50 per half-hour and $90 for an hour, which includes a CD of your swing to take home.

Winterland Golf Studio would be a good site for a bachelor party, a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or a simple lunch-break date with your swing.

10607 West River Street, Suite 1F. Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday except Tuesday and available by appointment anytime for foursomes. winterlandgolf.com, 530-587-7853 or 530-305-4999.


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