Unjust Review of Buckhorn
I was shocked at the article you published on The Buckhorn Espresso and Grill in your recent publication (Vol. 6/Nip 2).

Even the esteemed New York Times food critic will go back to an establishment several times, at different hours, and order a variety of meals before publishing his opinion. How incredible that you would choose to print an article that has the ability to destroy a fairly new restaurant without a fair trial! As a journalist, I am well aware of the power of the press…even a ‘throwaway’ paper. It is highly unethical for you to have abused your power in this manner.

I happen to be a regular customer of The Buckhorn, and I can tell you that I have never eaten a tasteless burger on a soggy bun. I do enjoy the smoothies and see nothing bizarre about an eatery that chooses to offer a wide range of meals to their customers. I don’t believe The Buckhorn was ever meant to be a ‘French Restaurant’ or an ‘Italian Restaurant’ or even a ‘Burger Joint.’ It, like many other fine casual eating places, features good meals at reasonable prices for all tastes and all ages at all times of the day and evening.


It is sincerely hoped that you will choose to give this ringing endorsement of a fine place like The Buckhorn, owned by the hardest working couple I’ve ever met and staffed by genuinely dedicated young folks, the same space you gave to your so-called food critic.

~ Denise M. Peters


Food Needs an Overhaul
I have been to The Buckhorn Espresso and Grill and feel the same way the writer does. I had their breakfast bagel and it was terrible. It was as though they pulled it out of the freezer and used a microwave to warm the cheese and bagel. The service was great and the people very nice. But it is time the food gets an overhaul.

~ Peter H. (submitted online)

Enquirer-type Journalism
There is an old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword, and left in the hands of one who cares not for other people’s dreams or futures, that statement could not be more correct. I have periodically read Moonshine Ink and for all intents and purposes, it’s generally interesting, positive reading. However, I have read a substantial amount of wide-ranging bad journalism lately, and a recent Ink article about Buckhorn Grill just pushed me right over the edge.

The article read like an obituary, less the slight applause for the staff and environment. The author’s piece is so cavalier, irresponsible and uninformed; it’s dribble. And confusion about the menu, says she. Since when does a restaurant with a diverse menu make it difficult to make up your mind what to eat? That is, unless that mind is already limited.

My wife and I, as well as hundreds of others, have been regular customers of the owners’ restaurants since they started up in 2005. Where is the correspondence for their opinion? Didn’t think so.

Excuse me, I didn’t catch which culinary school the writer attended that gifted the right to not only pass judgment on someone else’s cooking, but also sway future customers away from some of the best food in Truckee. I would say to anyone who has read the article to take it with a huge grain of salt, try the restaurant yourselves and make up your own mind. You won’t be disappointed.

Additionally, for the Ink to print the article without question indicates to me they are in the market for some sensational, Enquirer-type, skulduggery. To be so brazen is to be purely mean-spirited, with a side order of contemptible, bad journalism. I wish Moonshine Ink well, but as for my opinion and the opinions of many others, you’ll have to look harder for your readers in the future. Perhaps you’ll conjure up some old STAR readers. Thanks not for supporting a local business that has done nothing less than provide great food, service and support for its community.

~ Charles Edsall, Kings Beach