In response to Store Wars, Episode 2

Raley’s Longtime Interest

This letter is not intended to take a side in the controversy regarding the number and location of supermarkets in our community, but rather to reveal a bit of background that wasn’t mentioned in Moonshine Ink’s recent article. Truckee’s Planned Community 3, now known as the Joerger Ranch Specific Plan, had been considered a suitable location for a supermarket at least since the early 2000s, when PC-3’s planning process got underway and initial conceptual plans were presented to the public. As I recall, during that decade representatives from Raley’s spoke at a joint meeting of the Town Council and Planning Commission regarding the project, expressly stating their interest in the PC-3 site. Irrespective of whenever Raley’s first communicated with Mr. Holliday and Mr. Chapman, their interest in PC-3 is longstanding and apparently did not abate over the years.

~ Richard Anderson, Truckee Town Council 2004 to 2012, via letter


Convenience May Cost

With less volume for each store, Truckee folks may find the convenience of closer stores will raise the cost of doing business, resulting in higher prices. One still has to haul everything up the mountain and keep it fresh. All supermarkets have overhead, and their profit margins are quite low compared to other businesses.

~ Carol A. Stollorz , via Facebook

Spread the Love

Would love a grocery on the east side of town. Safeway and Save Mart are packed to the gills nearly every winter weekend. Spread it out! Maybe some competition will be good for prices.

~ Evan Buzzell, via Facebook

Loss of Nugget, Loss for Everyone

Hello? The railyard is already being built! Why is everyone against putting a grocery store there when that was already in the plans to begin with and it is already underway? We really lost a valuable addition to the community when the town decided to approve the Raley’s, which is basically a more expensive Safeway, out by the airport. That pushed out Nugget and all of us lose because of it. Nugget would have been a very valuable commodity.

~ Christina Spain Temple, via Facebook

Business Housing Crisis

I am the proud owner of Mountain Munchkins, an in-home daycare in Tahoe City. To some I am known as “The Big Red Buggy Lady.” Many of you may know one of the biggest issues our town has is child care. We personally know this because we have had a waitlist of two years since our doors opened in 2013.

We have been in the process of expanding our daycare into a center, which means we will go from six to 30 children a day. Not only will this greatly help our local community but also all those visiting our town with children 3 months to 4 years. We will have 24 spots a day for locals and six spots a day for drop-ins, plus we will be open on Saturdays.

Like the housing crunch the community is experiencing, our problem is that we need a location. We had high hopes for one space right in the middle of Tahoe City but things are not panning out. Any suggestions on a building with a minimum of 1,200 square feet would be greatly appreciated. We would like to stay in Tahoe City but are open to areas close by.

~ Daniela McDuffie,, Tahoe City, via letter

In response to Sued Again: Tahoe City Lodge

The Canadian Method

The Ontario planning act limits this kind of behavior by throwing out lawsuits that range from frivolous to vexatious for the purposes of delay.

~ Darin Dinsmore, via Facebook

Get Rid of Eyesore

So ridiculous! We NEED these buildings torn down! The new hotel would be such an improvement for TC! Driving into town and seeing this eyesore for so many years is embarrassing!

~ Susan Joy Rouse, via Facebook