In response to Petroleum Predicament

Bridgeport Gas Tops It Off

Every time I drive Highway 395 through Bridgeport, the gas station there always has the highest gas prices in California as far as I know — usually about a dollar above Truckee/Tahoe prices.

~ Grant Kaye, Truckee


Price of Gas (Oral Flatulence)

I respectfully (or not) take umbrage with the placating article in the most recent issue of your rag regarding the price of gas in the Tahoe-Truckee area. What a load of flatulence (aka another form of gas)!!

I recently stayed in an Airbnb in North Tahoe while on business in Truckee, which is how I came upon your publication and the article authored by one Dave Zook in which he attempts to excuse your area’s gas stations for blatantly gouging people on the price of petrol.

I used to live on the Monterey Peninsula, an area clearly off the beaten path in terms of being supplied with petrol. I now live in Mountain View, home to Google and many other high-tech companies. Mountain View is very close to the refineries in the SF Bay Area yet gasoline here costs appreciably more than gasoline on the Monterey Peninsula where I do business on a weekly basis. Just a few days ago gasoline was on average 15 cents cheaper per gallon in Monterey than here in the Silicon Valley. Why? Certainly not because of the costs of shipping the gasoline. The reason gas is higher here in the Silicon Valley is because the gas stations here are ripping people off, plain and simple. The same applies to the cost of gas in the Tahoe/Truckee area.

When gas in Tahoe/Truckee is 50 cents more per gallon than in Auburn (a fact as of July 8) then only a stupid ignorant fool would buy into Mr. Zook’s BS article!!

The residents of Tahoe/Truckee should boycott the gas stations in their area, but they won’t because most people prefer to complain rather than take action. I will never buy gas in the Tahoe/Truckee area, I always make sure I top off in Auburn or in Reno on my frequent journeys over 80.

~ Jeffrey Van Middlebrook, Los Altos


Is Your Airbnb Rental Space Insured Properly?

The Fourth of July was especially busy in the Truckee/Tahoe area. Occupancy rates were near 100 percent for the week, according to Cindy Zeddies of Tahoe Rental Company. Many homes were rented through local management companies; some were rented through services like Airbnb and VRBO.

I don’t have a problem with owners using their homes as vacation rentals. What you do with your property is your choice. At today’s home prices, being able to rent out your home can really help with the mortgage.

However, I’m concerned that many property owners don’t have the proper insurance. A traditional homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover business activities. A property that’s rented for less than 30 days is considered a short-term rental. You’re basically running a hotel. Any claim involving business activity could be denied.

What if a guest is injured while staying at your rental property and you’re liable? What if the rental home is damaged or destroyed as a result of a fire? Has your insurance carrier got your back? Think again.

Bottom line…make sure your rental home is properly insured so you can occupy it and rent it short-term, too.

~ Larry Lapkin is owner of Five Star Insurance Services located in Tahoe City.