In response to Back of the House in Dire Straits

No Money in the Kitchen

Cooking was great when single and wanting night work and the option of seven powder mornings a week. Even with an expensive culinary degree and high-end fine dining experience I switched fields once I had a family — the money simply wasn’t there in the kitchen.

~ Chris Pyle, via Facebook


In response to Placer County Tells Resort Association, Your Duties Just Got Halved

Placer vs. NLTRA: Same Structure, Different Driver

I read with interest your article. It is, of course, discouraging to find that Placer County may be taking away control of local input on local infrastructure projects that impact us directly. But the whole thing was confusing.

I was struck by how similar the structures really are. The only real difference appears to be the hat of the administrator overseeing the committee (Placer County instead of NLTRA), and who chooses the committee members.

Doesn’t that mean that the present structure is actually what everyone thinks will work and the real bone of contention is who gets to play and who chooses them?

~ Joshua Auday, via letter

In response to Disappearing Acts at the Amphitheater and Truckee Schools Get Extensive Upgrades

Lax Security at the Amphitheater

The lack of a continuous perimeter fence is a problem. We need our bold president to secure the border of our amphitheater! I hear he is the best at building walls. But seriously, many years ago I accidentally walked into a JGB concert while walking my dog in the park. There was no fence, gate, or security indicating that we needed a ticket. I casually put a jacket over my pooch to make her less conspicuous and we sat on the grass and enjoyed a free ($20) show. It’s time to call on parks and rec to Make Truckee Great again!

~ Eli Meyer, via Facebook