Hearing voices, seeing people who aren’t there, witnessing objects move suddenly across a room — these sorts of things can be hard to talk about. People get locked up or medicated for claiming these experiences as their own. On the other hand, if you don’t talk about them, will they drive you crazy? Or will you be forced to pack up your house and move to another, hoping for escape from whatever spirits are attached to you? The solution is to find someone who can relate, validate, translate, and alleviate your experiences for you. People have therapists for their pets, why not for their spirits?  

Truckee resident Corinne Lillie is a spiritual counselor equipped to handle situations that are beyond explanation. She is an intuitive medium able to channel messages and guidance from those who have crossed over, as well as from angels, Ascended Masters (spiritually enlightened beings such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, etc.), and spirit guides.


As a child, Lillie was comfortable seeing and hearing spirits until she was told that it was wrong and crazy and that people would judge her for it, so she tuned out her clairvoyant abilities. Fourteen years ago, she had an undeniable spirit come to her insisting she relay a message to a friend. He had ended his life because he couldn’t bear the pain of it and wanted to support his friend’s choice to embrace a spiritual path. Lillie did as he asked, and he moved on. But others followed, waking her in the middle of the night, wanting attention and healing. She was soon overwhelmed because she had no control over her clairvoyance and didn’t know how to deal with the escalation in activity. So she sought teachers with similar backgrounds to help her learn how to set boundaries for herself and how to use her gifts to assist people on both sides of life. Working with the teachings of medium James Van Praagh, clairvoyant Doreen Virtue, Tahoe City acupuncturist Stephen Barr, and Incline Village intuitive healer Verlyn McGilvray helped Lillie hone her gifts so that she is confident the work she does is for the highest good for all.

‘This [the article] is a big deal,’ Lillie said. ‘There’s so much judgment, I’ve kept it [my gift] a secret.’

In 2010 her angels told her she couldn’t hide what she did any longer; she needed to leave her job and have this work be her focus. She was afraid, but trusted the guidance she received and her business is thriving. She is blessed with a full schedule and clients all over Tahoe and in the foothills. Additionally, she works with clients across the country by phone and travels long distances to work with people in their homes if need be.

Lillie’s work is done from a place of pure love and light. Before she sees any client she always asks that only love and light come through and that what is revealed is for the highest good for everyone, including the ghost. ‘There is always a reason for an earthbound spirit to be here,’ Lillie said. ‘They have unfinished business, they may be stuck because of fear of judgment, because they want to protect loved ones, they have a message they want to deliver, they want to say they’re sorry, or they just don’t know they’re dead. I do ghost work because I can see them and they shouldn’t be here; it won’t help them in their soul’s evolution. It is humbling and an honor to help a soul move on.’

Over the years Lillie has done angel readings for me and for my family members, has channeled our loved ones from the other side, and has helped me to tap into past life regressions. One of the greatest gifts from doing this work is the validation I receive about my own intuitive powers. While I was preparing for a performance in the Old Truckee Jail for the Haunted Truckee Tour, I tuned into several earthbound spirits, including a very dark energy that made me so uncomfortable I was going to drop out. I called Lillie for help and we spent an afternoon clearing the jail and helping the spirits who were willing to cross over. As we sat in meditation, I got visual images (clairvoyance) and knowingness (claircognizance) about a young man who died of pneumonia in the jail in 1901. I felt him touch my left ear (clairsentience) and just as I did, Lillie said, ‘He’s blowing in your left ear. He’s flirting.’

‘The information I get comes through me, it is not of me,’ Lillie said. ‘Everybody has the ability to do what I do.’ Lillie is passionate about passing on what she has learned to others and facilitating their spiritual growth. ‘I love to connect people with divine support.’

Contact Corinne Lillie at (530) 582-5624.

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  • Kira Catanzaro

    Kira Catanzaro is a writer and renaissance woman deeply committed to connecting with spirit through meditation, creative arts, and the wonders of nature. She wrote for Moonshine Ink from 2006 to 2012.

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