Editor’s Box

‘Tis the season for ‘Best of the Aught Decade’ lists and I feel obliged to add to the menagerie. As we move into the teen years of this millennium, Moonshine Ink is closing in on its first decade of publication. I thought a useful exercise would be to establish our long-range goals for the next 10 years and to share them with our readers.

This exercise is like chiseling into granite, only this piece will be intangibly memorialized in the minds of many. You can all be watchdogs.


With this list, I’m striving to go beyond the vague language reminiscent of a mission statement and instead put together something with meat. Let me know what you think, mayumi@moonshineink.com. Without further adieu, here they are, Moonshine Ink’s Top Five Goals for the Teen Years:

1. Develop a healthy balance between investigative journalism and short digestible stories. Since we started, we’ve always delved deep into the issues of the community. I still believe this is very important, even more so with the dwindling supply of investigative media. But in the words of the late great Ruth Frishman, ‘Brevity is an art.’ We’ll make every word count.

2. Be a premier advertising venue for the region. Moonshine Ink is dedicated to quality and that bodes well for our advertisers. We will strive to keep our print publication better looking with each edition, our website relevant and valuable, and our customer service simply top-notch.

3. Create and maintain an attractive, useful and informative website. We are on schedule for launching a new website in a few months. We will create a venue that works for the community and keeps a working record of our region.

4. Host bombastic Halloween/anniversary Parties. If you attended our Fifth Anniversary party in 2007, you know you don’t want to miss the next one. If life’s about community, then let’s celebrate.

5. Be a working resource of information and entertainment for the Truckee/North Tahoe Community. Moonshine Ink will strive to keep you informed on issues that matter, promote conscious living, and foster respect for our area and its people. Thanks and gratitude to the most excellent community in the world. To a most prosperous and boundless decade to us all!


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