Moonshine Bias

Many of your articles are too biased. Moonshine Ink writers obviously are opposed to the Squaw Valley development plan and dislike the CEO, Andy Wirth. The writing is not objective. You don’t have to publish every article some disgruntled employee writes about Mr. Wirth. It is juvenile and it is getting tiresome, I prefer reading more articles with a positive tone; such as the work being done by Trout Unlimited, or how bus transportation is improving. Perhaps you need new writers and editors with a fresh perspective.

~ Margaret Townsend, Truckee

In response to The Great Insurance Pullout


Been Going on For a Long Time

This isn’t new. Much of the Lake Tahoe basin already sits within a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, even within incorporated town limits. I believe many of the risk areas were upgraded after the Angora Fire. I wouldn’t be surprised if further consideration is given to raising (the hazard level of) even the most urban areas, after the recent Sonoma/Napa fires. This type of risk designation for fire is similar to a Zone A Floodplain, except there isn’t a national insurer like for floods. As a new Truckee homeowner back in 2011, I had to seek residential insurance within Truckee Town limits from a specialty insurer. While some insurers have continued to support their previous policies with primary residences, many have likely already been converted. Risks are highest where dense forest meets urban zones. For example, Truckee neighborhoods like Tahoe Donner and Sierra Meadows carry the most extreme fire hazard ratings. The Cal Fire website has the VHFHSZ maps, listed by county.

~ Susie Minton, via Facebook

Republicans Deny, Businesses Prepare

It doesn’t matter if Republicans deny the existence of global warming and the environmental impacts that come along with it, insurance companies clearly recognize the reality of it and are taking steps to protect their businesses from its impact.

~ Rick Boyd, via Facebook

Like Coastal Neighbors

The feds have a coastal fl ood insurance program so the rich can rebuild. Why not forest dwellers too?

~ Rick Cooper, via Facebook

In response to The Unspoken Truth About Radon in Tahoe

Seeing the Impacts

I had not heard of this problem until recently when working with some patients in Reno. Thanks for this article.

~ Maureen Ludwig, via Facebook

In response to Summer — Hot Selling Season in Tahoe

Goodbye Middle Class

Just wait till the next giant tax grab by the 1 percent. I’m sure lakefront sales will break into a higher percentage.

~ Däve Hähn, via Facebook

“Truly affordable” at $300,000 … Goodbye middle class, hello luxury ghost town.

~ Tyson Brigham, via Facebook

We build them. Clean them. Maintain them. Then go home to our ‘tiny’ rented/shared homes! Yay! Middle class!!

~ Darcy Stevens Seals, via Facebook