If Valentine’s Day isn’t looking promising enough to put a glow on your cheeks this year, an event at the Silver Legacy the day after is sure to do the trick.

The boys of Chippendales are taking off their clothes at the Grand Exposition Hall on Friday, Feb. 15 for a stop on their “Ultimate Girls Night Out” tour. The brand name has suffered from poaching and copycat acts over the years, but the guys coming to Reno are the real thing. For a sneak preview, check out Chippendales.com, which features profiles of the performers and lots of, well, hot photos.

Capturing the perfect balance of sex appeal and tasteful teasing, this full-production show portrays everything from men in uniform to dusty cowboys. They are a mix of men with Fabio-style long hair, short hair, and no hair dressed in cowboy hats, work boots, and police uniforms. But it all comes down to the same common denominator — bare-naked skin with bulging biceps and six-pack abs.


Here’s what one reviewer on the popular Yelp site had to say about the show, “Nothing trashy. Very suggestive. And lots of great naked butts.”

In the world of striptease, the trademark Chippendale’s has cast itself as a “classy” act, incorporating audience members into their act instead of climbing on top of them for a lap dance. But classy doesn’t necessarily imply calm, and the all-male review has so inspired and excited their audiences that some women report having lost their voices at the shows.

Reinforcing their global appeal, the Chippendales have been resident for the past seven years at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in the $10 million Chippendales Theatre. They have been named “Best Male Strip Show” by the city’s Review Journal.

While it’s not uncommon to find men in the audience, they are definitely in the minority. And if you want to keep a low-profile, the rule of thumb is pretty much the same as you’d use at a whale show you might take your kids to at a water park: If you don’t want to be part of the show, don’t sit in the front rows.


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