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Locals Not Necessary

Does [outmigration of locals] pose a threat or is this our community? Lots of business people benefit from things being and staying this way. Why don’t you write an article about that?

~ Tracy D’Anneo, via Facebook


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Tahoe Evolution

Tahoe is destined to become the resort that its customers deserve. Why go on vacation with all the people you are trying to get away from? Traffic, lines, and stress … There is a market for a different approach but the lemmings want Tahoe.

~ Thedude

Idea for Squaw

Fascinating look into the evolution of the Tahoe ski industry. If KSL intends to stay in the industry for the longer term, one would think they will gobble up Mt. Rose. Not only would that further compete against Vail’s Epic Pass (Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood), but it would give them a higher base elevation 8,200-foot ski area (Squaw is 6,200 feet, Alpine is 7,000 feet). Hopefully that doesn’t happen for a myriad reasons, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

~ Jamie Schectman

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Locals Have Power

“The resorts are going the way they’re going. You just have to accept it as it is.” Absolute baloney! Local voters and residents have the power, if they wish, to limit, control, and influence development, by a wide variety of actions and practices, including but not limited to:

• influencing who gets elected

• encouraging public policies that control and promote development aligned with the preferences of voters

• de-funding and shrinking local airports

• ensuring the environment, wilderness, parks, etc. are protected and preserved

• controlling the use of publicly owned lands and resources and treating corporations who lease public lands as tenants, not owners

~ Tom Cal, via Facebook

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Suck It Up

Wow, we get one real winter in last five years and people start to get soft. Embrace the berm, folks. It’s a small price to pay for living here.

~ Gregory Beardsley, via Facebook

Help Each Other Out

Community is about taking care of each other; I would prefer a neighborhood watch where we help those who are injured, aged, etc. rather than a tax for new equipment. This happens organically in my neighborhood.

~ Carla Beebe, via Facebook

Locked-In Elderly

I am concerned about my elderly neighbors who cannot leave their house after the county berms them in and must wait until their private snow service, or neighbors, can help them out. This can take hours.

~ Heidi Kitnick Doyle, via Facebook