Get Involved
The July issue is awesome. It is chock full of important news to the community and exposure of things we need to know that are often kept below the radar.

Keep taking that risk to keep the community informed of the real stories. I hope it gets people more involved in the issues of our community. It’s so important to let our voices be heard right now, our community character and natural resources are at risk throughout the Lake Tahoe area and we need to fight to keep what we have left.

Get involved, decisions are made by those who show up!


~ Jacqui Zink

READ Thanks Moonshine and Keeps on Growing
On behalf of all of us at READ Global, thank you, thank you, thank you to Moonshine Ink. We tremendously appreciated the very accurate and animated publicity for the evening with John Perkins. With your help, we had most successful event, selling out all of the seats for the talk and raising much needed funds for READ Global. This not only benefits our organization, but helps us to bring interesting, thought-provoking speakers to the Reno-Tahoe community – an activity we hope to continue with future Breaking Boundaries events.

As you know, READ is a forerunner in creative capitalism and sustainable development, building library-community centers and seeding businesses, whose profits fully sustain and support the libraries, in rural parts of Nepal and India. Our work has gained international recognition, and, since 2006, we have been the recipients of $4 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The plan is to expand into 4 more countries by 2010. It began as the non-profit arm of our travel company, Myths and Mountains, and, with Myths, has changed the lives of close to three quarters of a million people to date – a major accomplishment for READ and for a tiny travel company that cares about the kind of world we live in.

We truly hope that continue to work as closely with you and Moonshine Ink for future Breaking Boundaries, as well as other occasions.

Again, thank you for the very well done articles and visibility.

Dr. Antonia Neubauer,
Founder and Chairperson, READ Global

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