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Inspired to Read

Sounds tragic and idyllic in the same breath. Can’t wait to read.

~ Däve Hähn, via Facebook


Just ordered it from Amazon.

~ JC Thorp, via Facebook

In response to A Conversation with Alice Waters

Re: Alice Waters’ #TahoeHousingCrisis Solution

Instead of putting the burden on residents, put it on the newcomers. Before opening, a business must secure housing for its employees. If there’s no housing available, there’s no reason for another business.

~ Rick Cooper, via Facebook

And during the non-winter months, where exactly would the “staff” and their families live, in tents and cars?

~ Tom Cal, via Facebook

In response to The Vexing Problem of Short Term Rentals

How to Deal with Short Term Rentals

Our town just limited short term rentals to one per block in residential zones.

~ Bill Smith, via Facebook

What about property tax incentives to rent to full time locals rather than trying to tax more and spending tax resources on enforcing more regulations? If you can prove you are renting to full time local residents you receive a property tax discount or rebate. What about making it easier to create second units via an easier and more reasonably priced permitting process?

 ~ Andrew Browning, via Facebook

Pretty much says you’re on your own. Too many problems with no easy solutions = locals out of luck. My advice: if you’re in a good spot, hold on tight because things are going to get bumpier.

~ Tyson Brigham, via Facebook