Flip’s Friends

We had a great plan. Our goal was to find a young, energetic dog to take for a ski. I envisioned a beautiful panoramic photo of our new friend standing triumphantly at the top of some local peak. We’d race down the mountain going too fast for our legs, barking excitedly the entire way.

When we arrived at the shelter our vision quickly changed. The best candidate for a walk turned out to be a 13-year-old pit bull mix named Hunter. We quickly shifted gears from conquering a mountain to enjoying a nice cross-country ski. Hunter had other plans.

When I first met Hunter, he was getting a massage and relaxing in his red smoking jacket. I immediately thought of Hugh Hefner lounging at the Playboy mansion in his silk pajamas. Hunter isn’t trying to be stylish, he just gets cold easily. We took Hunter to a nice spot near Prosser Reservoir for a walk. Hunter went about 20 feet before heading back towards the car. We thought the snow was making his feet too cold so we decided for a stroll around the dry streets of my neighborhood instead. Hunter cruised for a little while and again took a break. We decided to head back to my house to hang out by the fire. Hunter sniffed around, found a nice bed to lie on, and was soon snoring like a lumberjack. We were tempted to let him stay at our house but we roused him and reluctantly took him back to the shelter.

I have been churning out Pulitzer-Prize-caliber material since the second issue of Moonshine Ink. In that time we have met many great dogs and cats. Until now, we have never taken anyone home although we’ve been tempted. The next morning, after our walk with Hunter, we decided we couldn’t let him spend another day at the shelter. Hunter is now my foster brother and so far things are going great. The 3-year-old person at my house threw him a birthday party on his first day at the house complete with party hats and invitations. Even I have to admit it was cute. Hunter had a great time but I think all that birthday cake gave him gas.

Hunter came to the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe with his sister Sparkie. Sparkie is only about 3 years old, which makes her easier to adopt. She is now staying in a new home. This left Hunter alone and bummed out.  Hunter is friendly and just wants to relax by the fire and take the occasional short walk. He reminds me of my old brother Coalie. We adopted Coal when he was about 13 just to give him somewhere to lay his head. Coal ended up living with us for about five years. He was also a shy, quiet guy who later came out of his shell and turned out to be a wild man. Hunter has already started to show a little more personality. We are looking forward to seeing him come out of his shell. He’s already growled at my sister Olive for trying to eat his food. We are taking that as a positive step.

If you are interested in adopting Hunter, it’s too late. You can’t have him. If you are looking for a new friend, consider one with a little more experience. They often get overlooked among the cute puppies and young dogs. Older dogs are often easier to train and don’t require as much stimulation and exercise. They are also smarter and better looking. My favorite part about adopting an older fella is that they don’t jump all over you and bite your ears when they get excited.   

There are many other great old and young animals looking for homes. To check out local animals, visit hstt.org or tahoewarf.com. Have a great month.